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    Internet Warrior song help

    (I've run out of ideas, you guys should add some to it) LOL

    Internet warrior
    internet warrior

    he slams his finger down on the keys
    his face looks like a lemon squeeze
    typing so fast out of rage
    he thinks he's Johnny Cage

    Internet warrior
    internet warrior 

    mountain dew in hand but where's the other
    down his pants, but it's no bother
    he will use hit chin to strike the keys
    it's the most logical conversation he'll ever see

    Internet warrior
    internet warrior

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    Re: Internet Warrior song help

    i took this from one of my fav song disturbed-warrior. maybe can help give some inspiration ^^


    I am now an instrument of violence
    I am a vessel of invincibility
    I cannot leave this undecided
    Stepping down to battle another day
    Remember me for all time this
    Determination is a vital part of me
    Surrender now or be counted
    With the endless masses that I will defeat

    Come on bring it, don't sing it
    Better believe it
    Broken down, till your hope has died
    Beat down till the victory is mine
    Stand up and show me some pride
    And now, are you ready?

    I’m one with the warrior inside
    My dominance can’t be denied
    Your entire world will turn
    Into a battlefield tonight
    As I look upon you through
    The warrior’s eyes now
    I can see the fear that will
    Ensure my victory this time

    I can't be told to compromise this
    They'll never doubt the body lying at my feet
    A most formidable reminder
    They will speak my name for eternity
    I have no need of any guidance
    I am a weapon powerful beyond belief
    Seen through the warrior’s eyes
    I never need to question how to defeat you



    You can’t hide now
    I am the warrior
    So decide now
    How they’ll remember you
    Do not hide now
    Act like a warrior
    Show your pride now
    Solidify your place in time


    I’m one with the warrior inside
    The evidence can’t be denied
    The entire world will stare
    Into this battlefield tonight
    As I stand before you
    With a warrior's heart now
    I can feel the strength that will
    Ensure my victory this time

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