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    Open spar

    Rei's R&R
    Tall grassy terrain with a massive waterfall falling down the mountain on my right
    No CJ's
    Im using Kakuzu in sig post your bio and your first move

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    Re: Open spar

    I hear that you need to be trained to use EGF :P
    Sorry for the spam

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    Re: Open spar

    I'm assuming we are in mid-range right ._.

    After arriving in the grassy field, Staz watches a ugly man at the battelfield he knows that he had seen his face somewhere but he doesn't knows where, he also sees his Kiri headband in his head, he remembers the last war against Kiri, he was angry and happy at the same time since he wanted to destroy the ugly looking scumbag with all his might, after saying those things over his head he finally opens his mouth and says "Finally . .. the day i revenge to my Kumonian brothers . . . too bad for you because today i won't hold back, i like to watch how my hand will be soaked by your blood and then you'll cry and ask me mercy, but no i will kill you today and here", after finishing his words Staz immediately follows up by gathering chakra and inserts it at his opponent capturing him in a Genjutsu where he gets caught by the Snakes, the Snakes constict and crush him making him unable to move, in reality he is immobilized and Staz uses this opportunity to attack the opponent, he gathers chakra and focuses it at his legs and then after doing that he stomps the ground causing 3 6 meters tall fire pillars emerge around the opponent, 1 at his back 1 at his left and 1 at his right making him unable to move at the right or the left, taking this opportunity Staz starts by performing the required hand seals of Monkey → Ox → Boar → Tiger, and the follows by gathering chakra and using nature manipulation he turns the gathered chakra to lightning chakra and starts channeling it at his right hand, after channeling it he releases the electricity and uses shape manipulation to create 2 disks of lightning that go straight towards the opponent, he is completly bounded since if he releases from the Genjutsu he is immediately striked by the discs and if he tries to move right/left/behing he will be burned to ashes by the fire pillars and get cutted and electrified by the discs, so he's completly bounded so Staz starts calming down and waiting for his opponent to . . . be destroyed .

    (Genjutsu: Oshitsubusu Hebi Kubire) - Illusion Technique: Crushing Snake Constriction
    Rank: B
    Type: Offensive, Supplementary
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage points: 40
    Description: The user puts the opponent into a genjutsu which has snakes appear beneath the opponent to constrict them and with the users command, they crush the opponent. In reality, the opponent is immobilized and takes damage due to the stress on his mind.

    ( Katon: Goka Honoo no Hashira Jutsu ) - Fire Release: Great Fire Flame Pillars Technique
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short – Mid
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: 60
    Description: The user will knead their fire chakra and release it into the ground by stomping down their leg and then causing three pillars of fire several meters tall spaced out evenly. The Pillars of fire can act as a defensive wall against incoming techniques or targets or used to attack low aerial targets.

    ( Raiton: Raisogekishin ) - Lightning Release: Lightning Rat Violent Quake
    Rank: A
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short - Mid
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: 60
    Description: After performing the required hand seals Monkey → Ox → Boar → Tiger the user releases a discharge of electricity that shapes itself into several destructive disks of lightning. These are shot at the targets with great speed.
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