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    [Kumo Borderlands Omega vs YG 400

    (Madara wanted fight threads to avoid clutter so here it is no matter how trivial this might be)
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    (Who gives a hoot this probably wont work but Id rather just give a reply instead of giving up. Not my style to go down like a bit-…….doll)

    It is true that he could only be tracked by MS but MS does not increase speed but it can help your reaction. We were all around Hashi and backed up even more to give him some space. He would not be running in a linear motion as we're not in line or anything.LOL Once he saw Hashi's sinister smile he thought nothing of it but in a burst of chakra and speed he killed Bang and from that point Ragna begin reacting not knowing who else would be attacked as it could be anyone. So Ragna betting on the fastest element in a situation like this released an omnidirectional burst of Raition chakra with no handseals as Hashi would be converging on him. Given the speed of both techs converging on one another it would be extremely difficult even with your abilities to stop/react in time as you would be attacking me at blinding speeds and already be at my position or near it by the time the jutsu goes off (I guess based on everyones definition of this jutsu.) As he landed paralyzed by the Raition Ragna threw a kunai at his neck quickly to kill him then did the rest for good measure. He lowered the ground at high speeds so that he could not move while the ground was being lowered and as soon as the ground stopped Ragna caused the ground below him to shoot out fast ration blasts after backing up and using his handseals slamming his hands on the ground destroying him in the deep hole now his grave.

    (Raiton: Chidori Nagashi) - Lightning Release: One Thousand Birds Current
    Rank: A
    Type: Offense/Defence
    Range: Short (Mid if channeled through a medium)
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: N/A (+10 if used to boost weapon damage)
    Description: This jutsu allows the user to generate non-focused electricity from their body. It can be used as an omnidirectional attack or be channeled through weapons, the ground or other conductive mediums. Because the electricity isn't focused, it doesn't kill on contact, instead it has great numbing and paralyzing effects. To channel Nagashi through a medium, the user needs to focus the technique into one of his hands which will then be put in contact with the medium and can only choose to either do a widespread attack throughout his whole body or to channel it into something; he cannot achieve both usages at the same time. Despite not having much destructive or damaging properties, Nagashi can be used to destroy low rank earthen and wooden structures and even negate chakra on the ground to stop high ranked earth and wood techniques. It has also been noted that Lightning Specialists that have mastered Lightning to the highest degree can resist total paralyzation, although they still feel the pain and numbing effects.
    Note: Paralyzation lasts 1 turn if sucessful but is ineffective against bios who have a primary Lightning Specialty

    (Doton: Daichidōkaku) - Earth Release: Great Moving Earth Core
    Rank: S
    Type: Defensive/Supplementary
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: This technique grants the user the ability to freely lower or raise the terrain within a specific area surrounding them, in a similar manner to its parent technique, albeit on a much larger scale. The user will slam his hands on the ground which he can then lower or raise the ground up to 100 meters in a large section. The rise will be fast enough to pin enemies to the ground, restricting their movements as they struggle to get up and the drop will be fast enough to leave almost all enemies without a footing (albeit not airborne). Because of the large chakra needed to alter such a large area of the terrain, the user will be able to use it only a limited number of times.
    Note: Can only be used twice

    (Raiton: Shinme Kyohaku) Lightning Style: Shooting Stars
    Type: Offensive
    Rank: S
    Range: Mid - Long
    Chakra: 40
    Damage: 80
    Description: The user will initiate the technique by doing a set of 3 hand seals, ending with the boar handseal. Slaming their hands on the ground, channeling mass amounts of lightning chakra within the area below the target. The user will then shape and manipulate the lightning underground, causing countless of 10 inch in length lightning bolts to spring up from under the target(s) and the area up to 5 meters around them; resulting in a devastating assault. Ripping through the skin causing lethal damage after several thunderbolts hit the target. The thunderbolts once shot up from the ground spring upwards in such a fast pace they look like shooting stars from a distance. Because of the pace in which they hurl from within the ground and the area they cover, it's dangerous for the user to be six meters or less near the opponent, risking to be caught in the array. Thus, being a technique designed for distances that surpass short range.
    Note: Can only be used x2 per battle.
    Note: The user cannot use other S rank (or high) lightning in the same and next turn.
    Note: Must wait a cooldown of 3 turns before using again.

    I know you will get this checked because (drum role) I don’t have MS (BINGO!!!!! MAN YOURE A GENIOUS) so here it is. My argument is we are not all stacked up in a line waiting for him to attack there is a thing called distance and path of attacked. His path to me is longer than everyone else as we were all around him forming a perimeter and we even backed up to give him space making us even farther. I begin my reaction at first death, (again we're not lined up I even thought he(Haku 2nd person) could make it but apparantely not) he traveled to Haku, then he would travel to me by then since I was reacting at first death I used the fastest element I could with no handseals so if that cannot be done in three deaths(including myself cuz he has to travel to me) based on his traveling path then I do not know what jutsu can. P.S The jutsu does not require shape manipulation body manipulation it’s just a burst of lightning chakra (the fastest element) and I think it might be able to get off in time to paralyze him as he would be coming very close to me I imagine. Just my opinion on the MS it is not improving my speed but it is indeed helping me know what is going on. If I had MS would my move seriosly be considered valid just becaus I see him. It has been stated seeing does not mean you can react. At speeds like this Im not relying on seeing him nor am I trying to track him im just trying to protect myself. If I was first attacked its no contest, second attack maybe but Im last so I think 1 raition jutsu with no handseals and, no real manipulation/transformation. can be performed.

    Only move I could do so have fun checking. I feel great that Im so dangerous Fang Mode has to be used to kill me.
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