Welcome everyone to the Manga Coloring Contest.

- It's a monthly contest. Meaning that submission time is till the 24th of every month + 1 week voting
- As usual, it is a free choice. You can color any image you want. As long as u send me the original image as well.

-Everyone please follow the Global Forum Rules
-Entries must be your own work
-To keep all submissions anonymous, do not show your coloring to anyone on any site including DA
-Do not put your username on your submission
-Send your entries to me before the 24th of each month
-Make sure you give me the original image as well
-Make sure nobody knows which submission is yours! As it often is leaked in the voting thread

How to do basic coloring/what do I have to do in order to join the comp?

This is what i tell most ppl who ask me for tips on photoshop and how to color mangas.
let's see:

The manga coloring competition is a digital coloring competition. Which means that you submit by choosing a part of a manga page, or a black and white picture of a manga character from any anime/manga (naruto, bleach, fairy tale, hellsing, etc..)

And color it by either using photoshop, gimp, illustator, painshop pro, or any other painting program. (Hand-drawn work goes in the Art Contest)

(I recommend you do not use paint as u won't have any chance of getting a good result, and it is not a program meant to color images)

I would recommend you watch some youtube videoes on how to color mangas, also check out DeviantArt.com for tutorials. They can be to great help.

The easiest way to start learning how to color manga is by getting a clean lineart like this for example.

For beginners it is easiest to start with animecoloring:D here's an example of one: http://a.imageshack.us/img695/7449/n...arhymescol.jpg

What you do when u start coloring:
1. create a group called "colors" below ur lineart(lineart stays on top. Unless ur lineart has a white background, place the lineart on the very bottom of ur layers). This is where all ur color layers go.
2. color each part of the lineart (just fill them with color) use a new layer for each different color/body part.
3. Set all ur coloring layers to multiply (blend mode)
4. When ur're done with that create a group called "shadows". This is where all ur shadows go. Place above the color group.
5. start adding shadows where there should be shadows. Feel free to use my pic for tips on where to add shadows. Remember! Imagine where the light hits from etc.

If u have questions etc, send me a pm.
Best of luck!

Winners will recieve a Medal as usual. Follow the rules, submit and have fun^^

To make it more interesting and to bump the thread. Notify your submission by writing: ~I am taking part~ in the comments below. We're hoping to get even more submissions this month. Thanks