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    Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    This is the same prediction that I posted yesterday but I made some changes...Hope you like it
    [ ] - Thinking
    The kages that summoned by Hagoromo disappear from battlefield
    SAKURA : [ This is sage of six paths...I can't believe it ]
    HAGOROMO : I'm Hagoromo otstuski...The creator of Ninshuu and I'm known as sage of six path.
    KAKASHI : It's an honor to meet you.

    NARUTO : Old man six paths we need to wake up every one from dream...
    HAGOROMO: Since it is casts by using rinnegan it can be dispelled by rinnegan also
    Hagoromo look at Sasuke

    SASUKE : But to cancel the illusion one need to go to top of sky and look at the moon ..Just like Madara done
    But only Naruto has the ability to fly...My winged susano can't go that much height

    HAGOROMO: I know but there is an another way to dispel it.


    Suddenly both Naruto and Sasuke's consciousness is moved in to an another dimension
    It is filled with white light and in front of them there is virtual image of moon

    NARUTO : This is...

    HAGOROMO : This is illusion moon..It can only summoned by people having the power of rinnegan or my sage mode
    It might take large amount of chakra to dispel the illusion but Naruto here he may be able to
    transfer some chakra
    NARUTO ( Pumped up ) : Yeah let's do it Sasuke

    SASUKE : Yeah !

    Sasuke activate his rinnegan eye
    After a few minutes the cocoons that wrapped the body of people slowly un wrap...and they fall in to ground

    Far away from tree something pop out from the ground...

    SPIRAL ZETSU : [ I can't believe that they defeated both Madara and Kaguya... Only me and black Zetsu know the original purpose of infinite tusukyomi ]

    On battlefield
    TOBIRAMA : Should we kill him...

    HASHIRAMA : No...I have some unfinished business with him

    Hashirama pick a kunai from his sleeve and walk towards Madara lying in the ground

    Madara open his eyes and look at Hashirama's face

    Hashirama remember the day when he prevent Tobirama from killing him...

    HASHIRAMA : Let me tell this straight to you Sasuke and Naruto already defeated
    all that left for us leaving this world..This is not our era
    The current generation is taking over

    MADARA : Since infinte Tusukyomi is a failure I have nothing do in this world

    HASHIRAMA : Yes but there is still one left

    MADARA : [ Hmm ? ]

    HASHIRAMA : The fight between us...It's never finished

    Madara's eyes widen

    Madara pulling all of his strength to wake up from ground and pick a kunai from ground

    Madara remember the days when he had a spar and fight with Hashirama...How they had all always competed with each other
    Their talks about Philosophy about changing the world, Protecting their comrades and creating village. Their fight at the valley of end

    HASHIRAMA : Don't you want it Madara ?

    MADARA : [ When I look deep down in to my heart thing I always want was a fight like this...I always excited about fighting against you..
    but this time you are more excited than me.By fighting against you I can find myself]

    Madara clutch his kunai and activate eternal mangekyo

    TOBIRAMA : What's his plan ?

    HASHIRAMA : Here I come Madara
    Hashirama rush towards Madara with kunai pointing towards him and Madara do the same
    Their kunai clash

    The final fight between Madara and Hashirama is started

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    I liked it though Sasuke needs to dispel I. T. alone imo

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    Nice one,Quite Nostalgic Ending

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    What an asspull... Madara vs hashi so not happening

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    Great prediction bro

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    Great Prediction

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    Great Prediction!!

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    Re: Naruto manga 691 Predictions : The unfinished business

    awesom prediction........

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