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    Naruto Manga 519 Spoilers / Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Naruto 519 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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    Re: Naruto Manga 519 Spoilers / Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    Verification: Confirmed
    Source: NF Forums
    Credits: Majin Lu/ UchihaSage

    292 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/12/01(水) 16:01:56 ID:+TUUtrSLP

    カンクロウに説法されて、成仏する ソリ。
    Sasori flows to heaven while lecturing Kankurou
    Madara appears where Kabuto is.
    ナルト、ビーみたいに尾獣と一体化 る練習。
    Naruto practises how to go tailed beast mode.
    そこで、口からセロ(チャクラ玉) せる練習。
    There, they try spitting SERO (chakra ball) out of their mouths
    Then it resembles Rasengan

    Script and Alternative Translation
    Verification: Confirmed
    Source: NF Forums
    Credits: Majin Lu/ Pocketmofo

    カンクロウに説法されて、成仏する ソリ。
    Sasori becomes at peace and fades away after being lectured by Kankurou.

    Madara goes to where Kabuto is.

    ナルト、ビーみたいに尾獣と一体化 る練習。
    Naruto practices becoming one with his bijuu like Bee does.

    そこで、口からセロ(チャクラ玉) せる練習。
    He then practices how to shoot a chakra ball out of his mouth.

    Naruto realizes that the chakra ball is similar to the rasengan (either the ball itself or the act of forming and shooting the ball).

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    Re: Naruto Manga 519 Spoilers / Summaries (NO DISCUSSION!)

    source = mangaspoiler


    Tailed beast ball

    Kakuro’s victorious spirit.

    Sasori: …

    Kankuro: A puppet errand boy not a mastermind! You’re fool who pulls his own strings. I’ve also defeated you in willpower haven’t I? The same Sasori whom masterminded many original ninja puppets. Your art… The puppets you created won’t rot. That spirit dwells within to be received by another generation!

    So.. That is your idea of art..?

    Deidara: You’ve got to be ****ing with me! Master ah that pleading isn’t fooling anyone. Yeah. Art is a blast ah !

    Sasori: …I created a dwelling for that spirit? (Sasori gradually then in large pieces begins crumbling).

    Sasori: I’m certain… Kankuro…

    Kankuro: What’s that?

    Sasori: I’m looking forward to returning to Father and Mother. I entrust the puppets of my Father and Mother to you. Furthermore, when your time comes, entrust them both to the next person. (Sasori collapses)

    Kankuro: Yeah.. Of course I understand

    Deidara: Hey! Sasori’s Master ah!

    because you'll be dead before you know it! I actually negotiated with my bijū for the chakra exchange. The Kyūbi isn't the type for that. Furthermore, the Kyūbi's chakra is limited, because you took it from the Kyūbi in a tug of war."
    Naruto: "...Man, the risk is huge... And despite this, I cannot even use the jinchūriki's supreme technique...?"
    Hachibi: "Well, let's just give up on the Bijū Ball... Training your special technique further is a better idea."
    Naruto: "Bijū Ball? What kind of technique is that?"
    Hachibi: "It's quite simple. You use shape transformation on your own chakra to accumulate it in your mouth and compress it, before firing it."
    Naruto: "That's..."
    Hachibi: "It feels just like vomiting"
    Naruto: "The let's try it in this mode."
    hachibi: "It's impossible if you're not changed into your bijū. Let me explain it first... Turn back B..."
    B comes back out. "It's no use... I'm giving up. Nothing left to do but try your special move in your Bijū Chakra mode... Diligently♪"
    Naruto: "If I can't use Kage Bunshin, the Rasengan isn't suited for this mode. I have to concentrate on releasing the chakra and rotating and compressing it. I need two pairs of hands for the shape transformation..."
    B: "The bijū chakra feels the same as your own hands and feet♪ They're like illusionary versions of your real hands and feet♪"
    Naruto: "I see... Like that, hm."
    Naruto makes a hand appear behind his back.
    B: "That's a nice performance♪ Now have a go at your special technique like this. You're nearing success♪"
    Naruto: "Alright!! Rasengan!! Eh?!"
    B: "!?" (That's...!!)
    Naruto: "Uwa!!"
    The Rasengan unravels and Naruto returns to his normal form.
    B: (That technique! It's just like a Bijū Ball! Fool!! *******!!)
    "Hey, Naruto... That technique. What idiot taught you that?!!"
    Naruto: "Eh?! Ehm... Ero-Sennin... Ah, right! Jiraiya-sensei... It was created by the Yondaime Hokage, though!"
    B: "...!!" B's shoulder trembles. (The Yondaime Hokage...!! How unexpected... Is this Fate?! A miracle♪)
    B: "Rasengan! That's just like performing a Bijū Ball! Commonness♪ A technique invented by referencing to the Bijū's technique! That's what Rasengan is! It's as if the Bijū Ball was entrusted to you!! Lucky♪ It's simple when you're in Bijū form, but in human form, the shape transformation is so difficult, it's nearly impossible. However, there's a way to increase the stability while rotating the chakra!!"
    Naruto: "But I didn't even succeed in doing a Rasengan properly..."
    B: "Bijū chakra is a combination of plus chakra and minus chakra... a balance! When you compress it, the balance between white and black should be 8:2, before turning it inro a sphere! Try it!"
    Naruto: "Alright!"

    Towards Naruto's new technique!!
    The end

    Sasori entrusted the Dad & Mom puppets to Kankurou, and asked him to pass them down the generations (because apparently, Sasori put a lot of "soul" in making those puppets, which was what made him strong). And after being convinced by Kankurou, Sasori disappeared in peace. Deidara was WTF and shouting to be released from the puppet which kept him prisoner. The ambush squad discussed on how they had found Edo-tensei's weakness.

    Madara grew suspicious about Kabuto leaking their whereabouts to the alliance, because Anko veered too close to their hideout, and Kabuto was able to trace her immediately. Madara thought to himself that the one who was "using" the other was himself, not the other way round.

    The next jutsu of Naruto was indeed about Bijuu-mode. Naruto tried and failed in turning (?) into the Kyuubi and became a little fox instead (lol). Apparently it was because Naruto and the Kyuubi lacked in bonds. Hachibi came out and explained to Naruto about the huge risk of using the Bijuu-mode.

    The Bijuu-mode had the Jinchuuriki and the Bijuu draw chakra from each other. If the Naruto-chakra was drained completely by the Kyuubi, Naruto would die. He was also reminded not to use Kagebunshin in Bijuu-mode, since Kyuubi would immediately draw on all the chakras of the bunshins as well, causing immediate death. The chakra trade was supposed to be negotiated between the two, but Kyuubi didn't seem to be "that type" (figures). Hachibi told Naruto to give up on learning Bijuu-dama (the ultimate chakra blast of a Bijuu).

    Naruto decided to use Rasengan on his usual mode instead (because he needed KBs for the jutsu), but his Rasengan split (!?). Bee was surprised seeing the jutsu, and asked who taught Naruto that. Naruto replied that it was taught by Jiraiya, and invented by the Fourth Hokage. Bee reacted upon the mention of the Fourth with excitement, and thought "What a coincidence!". (! potential plot twist!?)

    Naruto complained about the usual Rasengan not working, and Bee talked about how the Bijuu-chakra had + and - chakra. The white and black ratio should be 8:2 to form a sphere (Greek to me).

    Naruto continued training...


    Sasori fluxos para o céu que as palestras Kankurou
    Madara aparece onde Kabuto está.
    Naruto práticas o modo Bijuu.
    Lá, eles tentam cuspir SERO (bola de chakra)que sai de sua boca
    Em seguida, ele se assemelha ao Rasengan
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