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    How to enter a contest !

    ~How to enter a contest~

    So in this thread you will learn:
    • How to enter in each contest of NB so read carefully-

    Signature of the Week

    You can enter the Signature of the Week contest from Here!

    (basically you create a digital signature)

    • First Read the SOTW Rules.
    • Look at the certain theme and create a signature according to the theme^^
    • Third, Remember that you must be the creator of the signature.
    • Last: Remember to send your work to Caliburn via PM (private msg).
    • Put this on the PM title:

    • Find the discussions for all the Signature Contests here and the Suggestions for the themes here.
    • Oh.. And do not tell anyone which signature is your's as this isn't a popularity contest!

    Album of the Week

    You can enter the Album of the Week contest from Here.

    (basically you create an album)

    • First read the AOTW rules from Here.
    • You can create an album by: using Imgur or Photobucket or Narutobase.
    • Every week a new theme will be announced and you will have to create your album based on that theme.
      But you also need to choose a style for your album, anything at all, for example:

      Black and white, only from one website, avatar pictures, only .gif pictures etc. It can be anything, but you have to chose a style and mention that style at the title of your album like this: "AotW #1, only black & white". (for more info about this just check out some of the other contestants' work and you will get the whole idea).

    • You can add 12-18 pictures, no more - no less, and all pictures must respect the forum's rules. If one or all your pictures are custom made, please mention that fact under every picture as a comment. (Rules for this contest are found here)
    • After you create your album, you can edit it only until the submission time ends. Please check on the time your pictures are edited. The host will close the thread after 8 days.
    • You can discuss everything about this contest here.
      This is the template for submitting your work:
      [PHP]~I wish to take part~

      Album's Style:
      Link to Your Album:
      Screenshot of Your Album:

      If you don't know how to take a screenshot^ or put an image in a post then here:
      If you are using a MAC computer:

      - To capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot will be automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop.

      If you are using a Windows computer:

      - Press "Print Screen" ( the button is usually found next to the "F12" and "Scroll Lock" keys. On laptop keyboards, you may have to press the "Fn" button.) to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Then open Microsoft Paint, paste the screenshot and Save.

      ~How you put an image in a post is here~

    Art of the Month

    You can enter the Art of the Month Contest from Here.

    (basically you draw a traditional drawing :p)

    • First Read the Rules!
      To take part in this contest please fill out the given form.
      NO copying other contestants.
      You must use a Drawing you have made - not someone else's.
      Voting with more than one account is prohibited, as well as asking people to vote for your work.
      Advertising the contest via PM's, VM's or in any other way is forbidden, the only exceptions on this are the scrolly thingy and this thread.
      You may NOT Vote for your own work.
      You can only enter ONE submission, however you can change this submission as often as you like untill the thread closes.
      Manipulation with things like PS or Gimp is forbidden and I mean by that coloring it, adding backgrounds etc. However you can change, of course, the canvas size to slice away unnecessary parts. Graphic tablets are a seperate case and will be discussed with Caliburn.
    • Then draw your artwork...(it must be drawn by you... NOT on computer)
    • Submit your work in the necessary thread...Fill in this form:
      PHP Code:
      U][B]Artwork:[/B][/U] [URL="http://"]Name[/URL
      U][B]Image of artwork:[/B][/U]*[spoiler][img]url of image[/img][/spoiler
    • Discussions about this contest can be made Here.
    • If you don't know how to put a picture in your post check out this page.

    Profile of the Month

    You can enter the Profile of the Month contest from Here!

    (basically you customize your profile)

    • Read the Rules.
    • Your profile will be judged on

      Use Of color
      Pleasing to the eye
    • Customize your profile. If you want to know how, check out this page.
    • For a more updated and advanced guide, look at this.
    • Just put this in the thread where you are submitting:

      PHP Code:
      ~I wish to take part

    Manga Coloring Contest

    You can enter the Manga Coloring Contest (of the Month) from Here.

    (basically you digitally color a picture)

    • Read the Rules:

      ➔ Follow the Global Forum Rules. Anything that goes against the Global Forum Rules won't be tolerated.
      ➔ Entries must be your own work.
      ➔ Make sure you give me the original image/lineart as well. Otherwise your entry won't be accepted.
      NEW! To minimize rip-offs, you shall do a screenshot while you have reached around midway of your own coloring. And the screenshot shall be forwarded to me along with your submission in PM. The screenshot won't be revealed publicly but it will act as proof of your own hardwork.
      ➔ To keep all submissions anonymous, do not show your coloring to anyone on any site including Deviantart.
      Do not put your username on your submission coloring. Or any signature logo of yours.
      ➔ Submitting entries with the same lineart as an entry from a previous contest is not allowed.
      Ecchi/Hentai colorings are not accepted (google 'ecchi' if you don't know)
      ➔ Make sure nobody knows which submission is yours! Be it by NB means or any social networking sites. As it often is leaked in the voting thread.
      ➔ In case you were caught advertising your submission while contest was on or if you were caught asking for votes, you will be immediately DISQUALIFIED!

    • You have to send your pictures to Escorpiius via PM. This would be the PM Title:

      Manga Coloring Contest [33] ~ Entry: Your Username

    • How to do basic coloring/what do I have to do in order to join the Manga Coloring Comp?

      This is what I tell most people who ask me for tips on Photoshop and how to color Mangas.
      Let's see:

      The Manga Coloring Competition is a Digital Coloring Competition. Which means that you submit by choosing a part of a manga page, or a black and white picture of a manga character from any anime/manga (Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Hellsing, etc.)

      And color it by either using Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Paintshop Pro, or any other painting program. (Hand-drawn work goes in the Art Contest)

      I recommend you do not use Paint as you won't have any chance of getting a good result, and it is not a program meant to color images.

      I would recommend you watch some YouTube videos on how to color Mangas, also check out for some tutorials. They can be of great help.

      The easiest way to start learning how to color manga is by getting a clean lineart like this for example.

      For beginners it is easiest to start with Anime Coloring and here's an example of one:

      What you do when you start coloring?:
      1. Create a group called "colors" below your lineart (lineart stays on top. Unless your lineart has a white background, place the lineart on the very bottom of your layers). This is where all your color layers go.
      2. Color each part of the lineart (just fill them with color) use a new layer for each different color/body part.
      3. Set all your coloring layers to multiply (blend mode).
      4. When you're done with that create a group called "shadows". This is where all ur shadows go. Place this above the color group.
      5. Start adding shadows where there should be shadows. Feel free to use my picture for tips on where to add shadows. Remember! Imagine where the light hits from, etc.

      How to take a screenshot:

      If you are using a MAC computer:

      - To capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3. The screen shot will be automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop.

      If you are using a Windows computer:

      - Press "Print Screen" ( the button is usually found next to the "F12" and "Scroll Lock" keys. On laptop keyboards, you may have to press the "Fn" button.) to take a screenshot of the entire screen. Then open Microsoft Paint, paste the screenshot and Save.

    Fanfiction of the Month

    You can enter the Fanfiction of the month contest from here.

    (basically you create a fanfiction)

    • Read the Rules!
    • You have to make at least 3 chapters (all with the same story).
    • Disscusions about this contest can be made
    • Your fanfiction will be judged on:
      Use of English.
      Development of the Story Line.

    • If you want to submit post, fill in the form below.

      PHP Code:
      ~I wish to take part~

      Fan Fiction Title:
      Link to your Fan fiction Chapter 1
      Link to your Fan fiction Chapter 2:
      Link to your Fan fiction Chapter 3

    Fill up the Bubble

    You can enter the FUB contest from here.

    (basically you fill up the bubble on a random manga page)

    • You have to read the Rules.
    • This is a tutorial on how to fill up the bubble: Link!
    • Here is a list of announcements of what has changed/ what will happen to the FUB Contest.
    • You can discuss things on the FUB Contest here.
    • You may want to read this first, it's an explanation of the whole contest: Link.
    • The Comic Strips will be judged on:

      ♒ Creativity ♒
      ♒ Originality ♒
      ♒ Humour ♒

    • You can submit your Comic Strip by first posting this in the submission thread.

      PHP Code:
      I wish to take part
      Then after that, you send a PM to Drizzy with the strip snd with this being the title:

      PHP Code:
      FUB#37 Entry: [Username between brackets] 
    • Be funny when making the strip. Good luck!

    Photography of the Month

    You can enter the PotM contest right Here.

    (basically you take pictures)

    • Here are the rules:
      R U L E S

      -You can enter with up to 3 photos by filling in the template provided
      -Photos must have been taken by you
      -The contest will be open for submissions for 30 days minimum.
      -You can use any device capable of taking photos such as Cellphones, Cameras, DSLR Cameras, etc
      -Photos (if bigger than) must be resized to 1 Megapixel
      -Photos must have been uploaded into a 3rd party photo hosting site such as Tinypic
      -Photos need to abide by the global rules of NB (no cursing, no foul language, no adult content, etc)
      -You cannot submit photos of yourself and photos of people may only be used if you are taking a picture of a public scene and not targeting someone in particular
      -From the submissions, the host of the contest will choose the best 3 submissions that will then be voted on by the members to choose the winner, 2nd and 3rd places.
      -Participants cannot vote for themselves with their main or an alt account
      -One submission for each member
      -No suggestive pics either and no bikini and underwear pics. Keep it clean and according to the rules.
    • In this thread you can discuss/suggest all about this contest: Link!
    • In this thread, there are a few tips for helping you take HQ images: Link!
    • This is the template for submitting your entry:

      PHP Code:
      ~I wish to take part and agreed to abide by the contest rules~
      B]Photo #1:[/B]
      [spoiler][img]LINK TO PICTURE#1[/IMG][/spoiler]
      [B]Photo #2:[/B]
      [spoiler][img]LINK TO PICTURE#2[/IMG][/spoiler]
      [B]Photo #3:[/B]
      [spoiler][img]LINK TO PICTURE#3[/IMG][/spoiler] 

    Contest Discussion

    (basically a discussion about the contest )

    • General discussion for the contest can be made here.
    • Try not to spam. ^_^


    ~Well this is everything.. I think If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will answer and add everything I've missed, in the thread.
    Hope this thread helps~

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