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    Re: Hiruzen= trolled?

    Quote Originally Posted by KyuubiYondaime View Post
    He gives his life to seal tenseis because he dont know any other jutsu to seal tenseis, yet anyone in the war can conveniently and casually seal tenseis? So much for knowing every jutsu, God shinobi, and being "The Profesor"
    I think your missing the point here.

    Hiruzen ACTUALLY HAD TO KILL them due to the situation he was in and what could happen to the village if didn't. AND there aren't any seals apart the dead demon seal that can do this(so far anyway).

    Apart from the emotion weakness on some of the zombies that kabuto let loose the alliance hasn't actually killed them. The sealing they are actually doing is restricting their moment, MEANING the entire body (including hands) to not alow them to do any hand signs etc... Kanko explained this well in advance to them actually fighting the zombies, not sure how you missed this.

    Hirzen HAD to kill them or they would have went rampage later with orocihmaru on the village. No one from konoha was able to help Hiruzen due to the sealing barrier of the sound four ninja did. The alliance on the other hand have numbers and time. Hirzen didn't have either, he was up against, he had to deal with the zombies(first hokage+2nd hokage) and orocihmaru at the same, not to mention he didn't know zombies were coming. And he knew if didn't get rid of them the village would have been in serious trouble as no one from the village at that time would have been able to kill Orocihmaru let alone the zombies(NOTE:He didn't know Jiraiya was in the village at the time he was looking for him remember). So he decided to kill them and save the village as a last act as he couldn't get himself to do in the past and he was 70 years old.

    Also the alliance aren't dealing with powerful shinobi like Senju Harihsma and senju Tobirama, so long story short hirzen felt it was his duty to kill the zombies and Orocihmaru to atone for his mistakes from the past.

    The end, there's no trolling dude, just epicness.
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