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Summoning Contract
Summoning Animal: Cardinals
Scroll Owner: Shady Doctor
Other Users who have signed contract: N/A
Summoning Boss if existing: Aphrodite
Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: Keleano, Mother Earth, Kurt Travis

]Kuchiyose: Koigokoro Megami, Aphrodite (Summoning: Love Goddess, Aphrodite)
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: 40
Attack Points: N/A
The user uses his summoning tattoos to summon the Love Goddess of Cardinals, Aphrodite. The Love Goddess possesses an almost regal air about her, though it may mostly be the self righteous egotistical behavior she possesses. Strange as it seems, she prefers to walk rather than fly, unless she deems it necessary to do so.

When entering a battle, a whirl of flame envelopes the cardinal, altering her drastically in almost an instant. What emerges is a vastly changed creature, the frame of a predatory bird now larger than most men. Light plating armor sits strategically placed upon her body, glimmering as it shields wing, head, chest and legs from immediate dangers. Aphrodite’s legs are no longer the feeble limbs they once were, noticeably more muscular and every bit as strong as their appearance suggests. The flame that begat this transformation leaves its mark, the feathers making up the bird’s wings alight with a flickering blaze. She is ¾ of the size of Gamabunta, with an enormous wing span of 15 meters. Nevertheless, she may be the Love Goddess but she has also earned the title of Mistress of Ninjutsu. She earned the title due to her Dual affinity to Fire and Wind, which she can perform up to A-Rank.

Proud, flirty, and unable to cope with most summoner’s unless they somehow prove themselves to her. These are the greatest flaws Aphrodite has, not that she sees them in such a way. Once she determines a course of action, she often follows through without considering it any further. Thankfully, even as brash as it may seem, she often prepares before acting in the case of any sort of emergency that may result from a miscalculation. So in spite of her abrasive self assureds she does have the forethought to consider these things beforehand. If only she weren’t such a self important smart ass, then her company would be more tolerable.

*Note*: Can be Only Summoned Once.
*Note*: The Armor takes 3 C-Rank hits and breaks.
*Note*: Must sign Cardinal Contract to use.
*Note*: Only one element may be used in a move.

(Kuchiyose:Arashi no Onna Keleano )- Summoning: Keleano Lady of the Storm
Rank: A-Rank
Chakra:30 Chakra
Damage:60 Damage
Keleano is the Love Godess Aphrodite's younger sister. She was born in a storm in the valley of the cardinals and this was prophesied to be a great sign of things to come consequently she has a dual affinity to lightning and water, which she can perform up to A rank .She is about half the size of gamabunta and can fit one rider on her back. Due to flying in storms many times and dodging lightning she is very agile and fast flying at up to 150 miles per *hour. She is very fierce which represents her affinity and will immediately fight anyone she does not see fit to summon her. However when she does trust her summoner she is a very good fighter and helpful as well.
Note: Can be Only Summoned Once.
Note: Summoning counts as a move*
Note: Must sign cardinal contract to use

Kuchiyose: Hahanarudaichi Summoning: Mother Earth
Type: Summoning
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Mother Earth is Father Time's wife and is equally as old. Having to have the trickery of a woman to stand up against the wisdom of her husband, she of course learned and studied Genjutsu for many many years. Thus she is able to use any genjutsu the user knows up to A rank. Mother Earth also has a telepathic connection with her summoner and any cardinal on the field. She is a brown cardinal as small as the Ma toad and sits on her summoners shoulder, channeling chakra into her feet so that she does not fall of even when the user moves at high speeds, the chakra is just to her feet and will not break the user out of a genjutsu. Mother Earth is able to trigger these genjutsus by releasing a high pitched call.
-Stays on the field for 4 turns and can only be summoned once
-Can only be taught by -Broly-

(Kuchiyose: Kurt Travis) Summoning: Kurt Travis
Damage:N/A (+10 to Taijutsu)
Kurt is the greatest taijutsu master in all of the land of cardinals and has undergone extensive training with the user in his own taijutsu training. Due to this, Kurt is pefectly in synch with all of the user's body movements and is able to move and think in conjunction with the user's tai. When the user attempts to land a blow on an object Kurt will surround the user's limbs with a precise burst of chakra, strengthening the power of the blow. As Kurt is simply channeling chakra to strengthen the user's blows, this act is passive.In order to summon Kurt, the user must only simply clap his hands and Kurt will be summoned to his shoulder. Kurt stays on the user's shoulder by focusing chakra in his feet, similar to how Ma and Pa stay on their user's shoulder
-Can be summoned once per battle.
-Stays on the field for four turns.
-Can only be taught by Broly.

Simply looking to expand on the story of the contract (non existent so far) and make more jutsu/summons from the contract. Really only want people who'll be holding the contract for a while, seeing as not many have had it in the past besides broly, myself and fam who gave it to broly. O.o Anyway, just give me:

Training (probably not relevant but meh):
Why you want to sign: