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did Jiraiya say that right after the Gaara rescue mission? I think your wrong. i have to reread that page.

i remember Jiraiya telling Naruto that his emotions are his weakness but i dont think he warned him to use the Kyuubi's power, i think he warned him not to use that jutsu. but like i said i might be wrong.

also yea Kabuto thing is unrelated..
I might be wrong, and I don't remember as this was talked about in probably one of the first 100 "that jutsu" threads, and he said it to Naruto right before they left for the rescue Gaara mission.

OK, here it is, and according to Mangastream/Narutobase it's "That Jutsu"
Here are the pages. However, I think it still refers to the Kyuubi given that Jiraiya starts it off by mentioning that Naruto is quick to anger, etc.


I admit I got it wrong according to this translation. Mea culpa