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    [Ability] Rain Release



    The Rain element, originates from Amekagure, a small and industrialized Village located in an unnamed country, which has served as the battlefield for the various ninja wars, the Second Great Shinobi World War being especially damaging. This has led to a heavily isolationist policy for the village, with its leaders rarely being seen in public. Due to all this, the people of Amegakure are very cautious and Amegakure itself has adopted a strict policy of security.


    • You must have an approved biography mentioning you originate from the Rain Village.
    • You must be of at least Sannin Rank.
    • You must have mastery of Water and Wind elements.
    • To learn Rain jutsus, you must apply for a mission in the missions section and then pass a mission given to you by a sensei who is willing to teach you rain. That mission will be proof of your Water and Wind mastery.
    • Henceforth, canon bios who are not shown using Rain element in the Manga cannot have it. Canon bios already approved with Rain element can still use it.

    Examples of Rain Jutsus:

    (Hitoshirenu Ame Sai) - Hidden Rain Slash
    Chakra cost:15
    Damage Points:30
    Description:The user manipulates their chakra to condense a single raindrop into a more solid form. The raindrop becomes as sharp as a blade. The disadvantage to this jutsu is that the raindrop falls in a straight line.

    (Ame Aikuchi) - Rain Dagger
    Chakra cost:20
    Damage Points:40
    Description:A simple jutsu that gathers the rain with chakra and then forms it into a dagger-like weapon. The chakra gives the water a more solid form so that it can be used for attacks. The water returns to normal shortly after creation. When the dagger cuts into something the water from the dagger expands within the cut to increase the damage.

    Bombarding Hail (Hougeki Arare)
    Chakra Cost:30
    Damage Points:60
    Description:Using this jutsu requires great chakra control, performing hand seals and sending chakra into the clouds. After a bit of development,(three turns) a ninja will form the precipitation of the cloud into hail. This hail will fall for a brief time from the clouds and by chakra control be targeted at the opponent.
    Note:must have clouds in the sky to use this jutsu.

    (Suiton: Kouu no Fukkou) - Water Style: Rain's Renaissance
    Chakra cost:30
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:The user slams his hand on the ground and sends a large wave of chakra into the ground. This wave of chakra causes all small, nearby sources of water to fly back into the clouds to replenish them. This has little effect on natural storms but on artificial ones it can be used multiple times to lengthen it almost indefinitely.

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