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    [Ability] Lava Release



    Lava Release (熔遁; 溶遁 Youton) techniques combine fire and earth-based chakra to create a torrent of lava that can melt away almost anything. This chakra nature can also manipulate other related materials such as lime, which is an alkaline powder, rather than molten rock. Lava Release is used by the Four-Tailed Monkey, its jinchuriki Roushi, and is one of the kekkei genkai used by the Fifth Mizukage, Mei Terumi and the Third Tsuchikage's granddaughter, Kurotsuchi.
    Lava Release can be written in two different ways: Roushi's Lava Release is referred to by the kanji 熔, with the radical for "fire" (火), while Mei's is referred to by the kanji 溶, with the radical for "water" (水) instead. When Kurotsuchi used it, it was once again with the fire radical. This seems to indicate that the Lava Release from Iwagakure uses the fire radical, while the Lava Release from Kirigakure uses the water radical. However, in the data and fan books, both kanji have been used to refer to Roushi's Lava Release. Both of them are in fact synonyms for each other and are interchangeably, though the one that's used the most is 溶. It seems that the kanji with the fire radical is used more often in words relating to metal and other solids, whereas the kanji with the water radical is more often used in words relating to liquids. In the manga three variations of the element have been shown so far: normal lava, rubber and quicklime.


    • The user needs to have started training in both fire and earth elements to learn and use Youton.
    • Only Roushi, Mei Terumi, Dodai and Kurotsuchi bio's can have the normal variant of Youton.
    • Only Dodai bio's can use the rubber variant of the Youton element.
    • To make a Kurotsuchi or Dodai bio the user needs to be at least of S-jounin rank - 550 posts -
    • For a Mei Terumi and Roushi bio special rules apply: Mei Terumi and Roshi
    • Custom Youton bio's can be made, however only of the quicklime variant of the element, no rubber or hot lava.
    • To make such a custom Youton bio, you need to originate of Iwagakure, have mastered both the fire and earth elements and be of S-class rank - 2400 posts -

    Examples of Youton Jutsu's:

    (Magumaton: Maguma Heki) - Magma Release: Magma Wall

    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: A technique which creates a wall of Magma

    (Maguma Bunshin no Jutsu) - Magma Bunshin Skill

    Rank: D
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short/Mid
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: A technique where a clone is created out of magma, in which can fire off a stream of magma from its arms not to exceed the volume of the clone.

    (Magumaton: Maguma Engo No Jutsu) - Magma Release: Magma Protection

    Rank: C
    Type: Defensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: A technique that is used to protect the user. Magma flies up from the ground and floats around the user. If the opponent attacks the magma, that will hurt a great deal. But over time the magma will harden and become rock, and fall to the ground(this justu lasts for 2 turns).

    (Magumaton: Maguma Hitoya No Jutsu) - Magma Release: Magma Prison

    Rank: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The user performs various hand seals as they charge chakra deep into the ground. Magma erupts from the ground as it surges creating a large dome either around just the opponent of both the opponent and the user. Within the prison is it very hot until the magma cools. When the magma cools it is very hard to break, and is almost an inescapable prison(lava lasts 2 turns and if touched causes -3 damage).

    (Magumaton: Kazangan Heki) - Magma Release: Lava Burst

    Rank: A
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage Points: 60
    Description: The user performing the necessary handseals take in a deep breath as they bring about the ideals of most fire exhaling jutsu into play. Upon exhaling, a burst of condensed lava emerges and is fired off at the opponent. Upon striking a surface it explodes into many droplets of lava.

    (Magumaton: Yurasu no Kazangan) - Magma Release Rock to Lava

    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short-Long
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: A jutsu that helps bring out more substance for magma jutsu, can also add a certain twist to the battlefield by changing a rocky terrain to a fiery terrain of lava.

    PS: Most of the NB lava jutsu's are customs made by BishamonSama and he referred to it as Magumaton, though the correct name is Youton
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