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    Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Every legend has a story. Every story has a begining. Every begining has a lame intro. This, is one such intro. Now onto the legend of Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy...

    During the rein of the Second Raikage, the whole ninja world was under an intense war; their first of many. Many powerful ninja from Kumogakure were trianed to become stronger, and were sent out into battle. Lives were lost, and legends were made...
    "CAPTAIN MCAFEEZY!!!" a Kumo jonin yelled at his squad captain. "BEHIND YOU!"
    McAfeezy span around, his sword drawn, and quickly drenched in blood as he decapitated a ninja trying to ambush him. McA picked up the head.
    "Sunagakure assasin," he said, slipping off the headband and letting the head fall to the ground. "Too many of those these days..."
    McAfeezy quickly span around and grabbed an invisible sword that was about to pierce his back, pulling it, by the blade, out of the wielders hands and used the blunt handle to beat him to death. As the ninja died, he became visible again.
    "Iwagakure ninja; part of the ambush squad..." McAfeezey took off the ninja's headband and put it, along with the Sunagakure headband, in a small pouch on his right hip.
    "Sir?" the ninja who warned McAfeezy about the Sunagakure assasin said.
    "I collect the headbands of those I defeat in battle."
    "I see... Now, sir-"
    "Iwa headbands are getting rarer and rarer."
    "I see. Now, we need to-"
    "Although, now that we have the alliance with Konoha, I won't be getting much more of those headba-"
    "MCAFEEZY!!!" the jonin yelled, panting with a deranged look in his eye when he finished.
    "Quiet, Inazuma. You're going to give away our position."
    "Look, McAfeezy-sama, we have to get back to Kumogakure as soon as possible; we've been out in the war zone for too long as it is."
    McAfeezy sighed and put his face in one of his hands, resting his elbow on thin air.
    "Why don't you trust me, Inazuma?" he said, his voice slightly muffled by his palm. A shadow came out of the ground behind McAfeezy, the ring of a kunai traped at the top of the rising spike.
    "McAfeezy-sama!" Inazuma leapt at McAfeezy, and pushed him out of the way before the shadow could harm him.
    "Thank you, old frie-"
    "FORGET IT! You'd be dead without me!" Inazuma pushed himself off of the ground, brushed off the dirt from his jacket, and pointed in the direction of Kumogakure. "I'm heading back before I'm killed. Stay as long as you wish, Mcafeezy." And without adressing McAfeezy's superior rank, Inazuma walked off, back towards Kumogakure.
    "Whatever. He'll be crawling back to me any second now." McAfeezy took out a flash bomb and spun around, tossing it out towards a shadow trying to assasinate him. As the shadow was pushed back towards it's user, McAfeezy's sunglasses (which he put on as he threw the bomb) let him follow it to the Nara clan member of Konohagakure.
    "I thought Konoha and Kumo made a treaty," McA said, somewhat confused.
    "They did, but we don't need your help to win this war!" Shadow's emerged all around McAfeezy, spiked at the ends, and then came down to pierce him, only to be stopped by the natural light that lightning gives off as a cloak of lightning surrounds his body.
    "You're racist!" McAfeezy shouted at the Nara.
    "What? How-!?" Before he could finish his sentance, the Nara member leapt into the air to avoid electrified water comming towards him. The Nara member stood upside-down on a tree branch, and taunted McAfeezy. "We'll kill you all; I'll kill all of you myself, if I must! The Hidden Leaf needs no one to assist us, and I'm going to prove it!" The shadow cast by the tree the Nara was standing on began to rise behind McAfeezy, forming a human silhouette. The silhouette grabbed McA in a choke-hold. "My Nara-style Shadow Clone. It's two against one, Kumo scum; just give it up now-!" A second McAfeezy grabbed the Nara clan member from behind, binding his movment. "WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?!?"
    "My Storm-Style Clone, is what's going on," McAfeezy replied calmly.
    "You have fought better than most ninja when they attack me. I'd like to know your name, sir."
    "We're in the middle of a fight, and this lunitic is being polite and trying to learn my name?" the Nara member thought. "What's wrong with this guy!?!?"
    "My name is Nara Hikage, and yours?"
    The clone leaned in close to Hikage's ear. "It's a name you'll never foget so long as you live; McAfeezy." Then, the clone exploded in a mass of water and lightning, partially drowning, and partially electricuting Hikage to death. The Shadow Clone that was holding McAfeezy fell back to the earth, and the tree's shadow retracted to it's normal length.
    McAfeezy walked over to the dead body of the Nara Hikage, and hoisted him onto his shoulders.
    "Raikage-sama may want to see this," he thought to himself.

    "Now, where did Inazuna go...?"

    McAfeezy made his way though the forest that surved as a war-ground, being acknowledged by every Kumo ninja he passed on his way back to the Raikage's mansion.
    "Hey, McAfeezy-sama!" a Kumogakure chuunin said, running up to him.
    "Who's on your back; is it a hurt Kumo nin? I'm a medic, let me take a look at him."
    "No, it's a leaf ninja."
    "Still, let me take a loo-"
    "He tried to kill me; I'm taking him to Raikage-sama."
    "Oh..." The chuunin took a couple steps backwards. "I'm sorry to have taken up your time, McAfeezy-sama."
    "Don't apologize, kid; I always have time for allies. What really makes me sick is the fact that this guy was a Nara; one of the honorable clans of the leaf."
    McAfeezy made it back to the Raikage's mansion without any other interruptions, except for a large greeting as me made it to Kumogakure's gate, and an increase of greetings as he moved while inside the village. When he reached the Raikage's office, he dropped the lifeless Nara onto the Raikage's desk, face-down.
    "Well, hello to you two, McAfeezy-san." the second Raikage said.
    "Cut the chit-chat," McAfeezy turned the body over, revealing the headband, "we have a problem."
    "I see..." the Raikage said, examining the body. "Clan?"
    "Nara. He said his name was Hikage."
    "I see... Well, I'll have to speak with Tobirama about this... In the mean time, I have a mission for you-"
    "Wait, have you seen Inazuma?"
    "Inazuma? Not since I assigned him to work with you. Why, did he disappear?"
    "Not quite. He stormed off in rage, saying that he was comming here."
    "Did he?"
    "He said he was comming to Kumogakure, but wouldn't he have to check in with you about the mission first?"
    "If he were here, he would have seen me by now..." The Raikage stroked his beard as he thought. "Well, never-mind that now; I'll send sensors after him as soon as our meeting right now is over."
    "Alright. Now, you had a mission for me?"
    "Yes. It seems that Kinkaku and Ginkaku have escaped our prison system and are now somewhere in the forsest surrounding the mountains surrounding Kumo."
    "And you want me to kill them, got it!"
    "Hold up, there, McAfeezy. These guys have the power of the nine-tailed demon fox-"
    "I've got everything under control, Raikage-sama; don't worry about me." McAfeezy opened a window while running at full speed and leapt out of it, begining his search for the GinKin brothers.
    "Fool, he doesn't even realize that I worry because he thinks he has everything under control. I haven't even told him where to look yet. Well, at least he hasn't broken anything this time..." The Raikage looked down at the Nara on his desk, his head devoid of a headband. The Raikage shook his head and clicked his tounge against his teeth as he did so in disappointment. "I'd hate to see what goes through that kid's mind..."

    McAfeezy ran trough the forests surrounding Kumogakure's mountains, trying to find traces of the fox's chakra.
    "Hey, McAfeezy!" one of his friends, Abysmal, said to him as he ran by. "What're you looking for?"
    "I'm trying to find the GinKin brothers; they've escaped!"
    "WHAT!?!?" Abysmal immediatly ran behind a tree at the thought of the GinKin brothers being loose in the forests of a war-zone. "Where are they!?"
    "I don't know, that's why I'm looking for them," McA replied.
    "Give me a second," Abysmal said, running towards a group of three people. He soon returned, with someone next to him. "This is Miton, he's a sensor in my squad."
    "What do you need me for, again, Abysm- YOU'RE MCAFEEZY!!"
    "Quiet!" Abysmal's squad captain said.
    "You are an amazing ninja, McAfeezy-sama!" Miton continued, quieter than before.
    "Thank you, Miton-san. You're a sensor?"
    "Yes, what do you need?"
    "You won't do something for me, but you'll do anything for him?" Abysmal said.
    "Shut up, kid," Miton said.
    "Hey, Abysmal's my friend, Miton; you'll treat him right, got it?"
    "Yes, McAfeezy-sama!"
    "Thanks dude."
    "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" McAfeezy shouted. Abysmal's team captain made no effort to say anything to him. "I need you to look for the GinKin brothers; they've escaped and I don't know where they are."
    "Alright, I'll-" Miton begain.
    "Actually, I think I can be of assitance here," Abysmal's squad captain said, walking up to McAfeezy. "I was given this information by Raikage-sama as my squad and I left Kumo. They were going north-north west, is what the last sensor to have any trace of the fox's chakra said."
    "Hey, thanks...." McAfeezy's sentance was stopped cold as he realized that he didn't know the man's name.
    "Just call me Dei Dei, alright McA?"
    "You got it, Dei Dei! Sorry guys, I gotta go; very important mission directly from Raikage-sama himself!"
    "Go, kid. Kumogakure'll be right where you left it when you get back."
    "Of course it will!" And with that, McAfeezy took off, heading north-north west.

    While McAfeezy was speaking with the Raikage and searching for the GinKin brothers, the brothers were on their own quest.
    "Hey, Kinkaku, are you awake?" Ginkaku asked Kinkaku through the wall separating their cells.
    "Of course I am, Ginkaku!" Kinkaku shouted back.
    "I was thinking we should escape tonight, whaddya say, Kinkaku?"
    "I say you're crazy, Ginkaku; we've been trapped here ever since the clouds peace treaty with the leaf, how are we gunna get out now?"
    "We break down the wall with the fox's chakra, and then work together on the bars. What say you, Kinkaku!?"
    "What say you? Ginkaku, are you drunk!?"
    "No, they won't give alcohol to prisoners, silly Kinkaku. Do you want to do it?"
    "Right, I'm the silly one..." There was a loud explosion as Ginkaku shot a burst of the fox's chakra at the wall separating the brothers.
    "Ginkaku, you MORON!" Kinkaku said. "Why don't we just break the wall behind us to break out; that wall goes straight outside!"
    Ginkaku was silent for a moment. "Be quiet, Kinkaku!" The brothers worked together to shoot the fox's chakra at the wall behind them, at the place the wall separating them met the back wall, the wall weakening quickly.
    "THEY'RE ESCAPING!!!" one of Kumo's sensor ninja's said as he was doing his rounds around the prison.
    "GinKin!?!?" another guard asked.
    "Yup!" Kinkaku shouted, leaping though the hole they made. "Let's go, Ginkaku!"
    "Right behind you, Kinkaku!" Ginkaku said, jumping out the hole right after Kinkaku.
    "We need to tell Raikage-sama immediatly," one of the guards said.
    "Well, duh!" the other guard said, already running towards the Raikage's mansion.

    The GinKin brothers ran through the montains, and down into the forests around Kumogakure. While they were running, they met a Kumo ninja going towards Kumogakure.
    "Ginkaku, I think he's been sent to stop us!"
    "Then let's stop him, Kinkaku!"
    Before Inazuma could react, the GinKin brothers had him, each holding one arm, and continued their escape of Kumogakure.
    "Hey, let me go!" Inazuma shouted, strugling against the GinKin brother's grip.
    "Can't do that, kid," Ginkaku said. Inazuma looked up at the criminal's who had kidnapped him.

    McAfeezy ran though the forest, until he found fallen trees in the direction he was told by Dei Dei.
    "I must be going the right way!" he said to himself, not breaking his stride. By following the path of destruction, McAfeezy found himself at the entrance to a cave. Before going in, however, McA heard voices...
    "Tell us what we want to know!"
    "I told you two everything I know!"
    "Then tell us why you were in the forest!"
    "I already told you that I wasn't sent to eliminate you-!"
    "That would be me!" McAfeezy said, stepping into the cave.
    "It's just a kid," Ginkaku said.
    "MCAFEEZY!!" Inazuma shouted, strapped to the wall so the GinKin brothers could interrogate him.
    "Inazuna? So that's what happened to you!" McAfeezy made handseals and then shot off laserbeams from his hands. "Storm Style: Laser Circus!"
    The GinKin brothers dodged the pin-point lasers and attacked McAfeezy with the powers of the fox. McA held his own with his sword, until the GinKin brother's took out their sword. And other weapons.
    "Oh no!" McAfeezy said. "The Golden Canopy Rope! The Seven Star Sword! The crimson gourd!"
    Kinkaku was silent for a few moments. "What about the Banana Palm Fan?"
    "What about the Banana Palm Fan?" McAfeezy replied.
    "That's it!" Kinkaku swept the fan and shot a burst of fire at McAfeezy, which he countered with water.
    "That all you got?" he called. Kinkaku tried to assault McAfeezy with the rope, but McAfeezy was too fast and uppercut him in the stomach.
    "KINKAKU!" Ginkaku roared. He went into his six-tailed state and devistated the cave with a massive roar.
    "Oh... SHI-!" McAfeezy span around and cut Ginkaku's back with his sword, enfused with his speical Storm Release, powerful enough to leave a gash in the chakra cloak.
    "You'll pay for that, kid," Ginkaku growled.
    "MCAFEEZY!" Inazuma shouted. "KINKAKU!"
    McAfeezy turned his head to see Kinkaku running through the forest. "I wonder where he's going in such a hurry," McA thougt to himself. He was about to chase Kinkaku, when Ginkaku tried to kill him again.
    "I don't have TIME for this!" McAfeezy stabbed Ginkaku in the heart with his Storm-enfused sword, only piercing the chakra cloak, and then he stabbed him in the back, piercing Ginkaku's flesh though the hole he left in the chakra cloak before.
    Ginkaku fell to the ground, his chakra cloak receeding as fast as blood was spreading.
    "And stay dead!" Then, McAfeezy ran after Kinkaku.
    "Ummm...." Inazuma said, still held to the wall against his will. "Sure, just forget about me; I don't care!" The wall around Inazuma's shackles fell apart, weakened by McAfeezy's Laser Circus jutsu.
    Inazuma fell to the ground and pulled off the shackles, rubbing his wrists.
    "Always thinking, aren't you McA?"

    As Kinkaku fled the cave and McAfeezy, he bit his thumb and summonend more criminals from their cells.
    "Master Kinkaku!" one of them said in surprise.
    "Who were you expecting?" Kinkaku replied.
    "How did you escape!?" another asked.
    "That's of no concern to you. All you need to know is that we're going to kill the Hokage."
    "You mean that Tobirama b@[email protected]?" the most buff of the summoned men asked. "Consider him dead."

    As the Kinkaku Force hunted down the Second Hokage and his squad of six young ninja, they decided on the fact that Tobirama would distract the Kinkaku squad, and so he went out to find the squad while the other leaf ninja found their way home.
    "Hey, boss. It's him!" one of the Kinkaku Force said to Kinkaku.
    "I can see that." The Kinkaku force made a circle around Tobirama, and Kinkaku took a step forwards. "There are t-"
    "Twenty of you, and one of me; I know." Tobirama looked at Kinkaku with a cool disposition to what was happening. One of the Kinkaku Force ran at him, and Tobirama grabbed his head, using his Impure World Resurection jutsu to bring back his brother, Hashirama Senju.
    "Brother. You've broughten me back with your ecursed jutsu?"
    "Do not fear, brother. I will release you when we're done."
    "Make sure that you do, or I'll have to figure it and resurect you so we can share this pain. You don't know what this world is like after you've been in the Pure World."
    "I can only imagine, brother-"
    "If the love-fest is over..." Kinkaku said, rushing at Tobirama and Hashirama. He tried to hit the Hokage's with his rope, but they dodged as one of Kinkaku's teammates ran forwards, Kinkaku's rope bringing out his soul.
    "I don't even have the sword or the gourd, so you'll be fine." Kinkaku said to the ninja.
    "You may not have them," McAfeezy said atop a tree. "But I do!" He leapt down and severed the ninja's soul with the sword.
    "He's a Kumogakure ninja," Hashirama said.
    "We made a treaty with Kumogakure, Hashirama," Tobirama said. "These men are criminals amoung Kumogakure, all but this young man with the Seven Star Sword and the Crimson Recording Gourd."
    "I see...."
    "It doesn't matter, so long as he doesn't say the word he's said the most in his life," Kinkaku said. "And as long as you don't have the rope, you can't choose who you can possibly seal."
    McAfeezy's hair and clothing rippled in a breeze, and the rope was around his arm. "What was that?"
    "WHAT!?!? How did you-?" Kinkaku dodged McAfeezy as he attempted to seal him. "Who do you think you are!?!?"
    "Who am I?" McA said, raising an eyebrow. "I'm McAfeezy, Kumogakure's Storm Master!" Storm clouds appeared suddenly, and low to the ground, only a few feet from Kinkaku's head. Then, in an instant, lighting flew from every part of the cloud, shocking Kinkaku until he died.
    "McAfeezy," Tobirama said. McAfeezy turned around to see a sword sticking out of Tobirama's chest.
    "HOKAGE-SAMA!" McAfeezy was about to draw his sword and kill the member of the Kinkaku Force who killed Tobirama, but he held up a hand to stop him.
    "No, McAfeezy. You are a true hero. There is a new Hokage in the leaf, make sure he is kept safe until then." The storm cloud growing larger and shocking everyone in the vacinity except Hashirama, Tobirama, and McAfeezy, McAfeezy gave his answer.
    "Of course, Hokage-sama," McAfeezy said with a nod.
    "Good. I have another task for you." Tobirama pulled out his Sword of the Thunder God and handed it to McAfeezy. "Make sure that makes it back to the leaf. Give it to Hiruzen Saurtobi; he'll know what to do with it."
    "Of course, Hokage-sama!" McAfeezy put the sword under his jacket, against his flesh.
    "Now, brother. As I promised..." Tobirama made the tiger handseal. "RELEASE!" As Hashirama's body turned to dust, he said one last phrase.
    "See you on the other side, brother..."
    "See you there..." Tobirama answered as Hashirama completely became dust. Then, Tobirama fell to the ground, lifeless.
    Just then, the soul of the Kinkaku Force member who was sealed and had said nothing the whole time was sucked into the gourd.

    "What in the world...?" McA began.
    "GET 'EM!" one of the members said. The circle converged on McAfeezy, and he span around, one end of the rope in one hand, the other flailing around, and the Seven Star Sword in the other hand. As the rope touched the Kinkaku Force, the sword cut their souls, sealing them. Then, McAfeezy leapt into the air, and went higher and higher in the trees, the Kinkaku Force following him at a quick rate.
    As McAfeezy made it to the top of the highest tree near him, he propelled himself downwards, lightning surrounding him to kill anyone he touched on his way. As he hit the ground, he left a major crater, which caught the bodies of the Kinkaku Force as the fell from the tree from the sheer force of McAfeezy's decent. They all sprang to their feet, but before anything could be done, the entire Kinkaku Force's souls were sucked into the Crimson Gourd.
    After debating over the fan, McAfeezy packed up the four itmes of the GinKin brothers and Kinkaku's body on his shoulders, and made his way back to Kumogakure.

    "Hokage Tobirama-sama, you death has been avenged. And your last two wishes will be fufilled as soon as possible, I promise..."

    As Inazuma got Ginkaku's body back to Kumogakure, he presented it to the Raikage.
    "You took out the GinKin brothers youself!?" the Raikage said in astonishment. "Inazuma, you are more talented than I thought."
    "Acutally, Raikage-sama, it was McAfeezy who killed Ginkaku, and then he chased Kinkaku deep into the forest; I don't know what's happened to him."
    "Let us pray that he's not dead."
    "Why don't you pray for your own protection?" Ginkaku leapt off of the table and unleashed his Kyuubi cloak.
    "What in the world!?" Inazuma said. "McAfeezy killed you!"
    "He thought he killed me, but the fox's chakra was healing me the entire time; it wasn't a very deep wound, you know."
    Facing Inazuma the whole time, all of the Kyuubi's tails launched behind Ginkaku, stabbing the Raikage in six different places in the chest, and through the back, killing him almost instantly.
    "RAIKAGE-SAMA!!" Inzauma cried.
    "Be quiet, kid!" One of Ginkaku's tails slapped Inazuma across the face, the brute strength enough to knock him out. "Time to wreak havoc on the village that turned it's back on me..."
    "It didn't turn it's back on you, Ginkaku." Ginkaku turned around to see McAfeezy standing in the doorway to the Raikage's office, their four items under his arms and Kinkaku on his shoulders. "You turned on the village."
    "Did you acutally kill him?" Ginkaku said, mockingly.
    "You tell me!" McAfeezy threw the lifeless body of Kinkaku at Ginkaku. "Seems pretty dead to me."
    "You'll pay for that, kid!" Ginkaku tried to kill McAfeezy the same way he killed the Raikage, but McAfeezy cut the chakra tails with the Seven Star Sword.
    "You're going to have to do better than that." McAfeezy shot off a quick burst of Storm Release chakra towards Ginkaku and then he was running right behind it, his regular sword in his hand, enfused with Storm Style chakra.
    The burst of chakra pushed Ginkaku into the wall of the office, and McA's sword pushed him through the wall and into the streets of Kumogakure. Ginkaku and McAfeezy enganged in hand-to-hand combat, Ginkaku with the Kyuubi cloak, McA with his Storm sword, and the citizens of the Hidden Cloud all searched for cover. While this was going on, Inazuma woke up and saw the hole in the wall.

    "MCAFEEZY-SAMA!!" he shouted out the hole, leaping out himself. He landed in the streets, and ran behind Ginkaku, trying to distract him for McAfeezy. As Ginkaku engaged Inazuma in taijutsu, McAfeezy stopped attacking.
    "What are you doing, Inazuma!?" he yelled.
    "FINISH HIM!" Inazuma was hit down to the ground, and Ginkaku loomed over him. "NOW!!!!!"
    McAfeezy ran forwards, stabbing his Storm sword though Ginkaku's heart, the sword comming out the other side this time. Ginkaku riled backwards in pain, and slapped a Kyuubi claw towards McAfeezy, but it missed and then he fell down, his cloak gone, actually dead this time.
    McAfeezy knelt over Inazuma and merely looked at the multiple stab-wounds in his chest. A tear rolled down his face, and Inazuma wipped if off for him.

    "McA, they're dead. This war is on it's last legs. There's a bright future for the ninja world from now on..."
    "But... Inazuma..."
    "Don't worry about me; I died saving you..." Inazuma's arm, which was still up on McAfeezy's cheek, fell to the ground, and his eyes closed for the last time.
    "No, old friend... You died killing Ginkaku..."
    A large man with bulging muscles and a white beard walked up to McAfeezy.
    "Boy," he said.
    "Yeah?" McAfeezy said, turning his head to look at the man.
    "I'm the new Raikage; Godram said that if he died in the war that the position's mine. I just want to thank you for saving our village; you're a hero. What's your name, kid?"
    "My name's McAfeezy, but I'm not the hero who saved the village; Inazuma is. He distracted Ginkaku and gave his life so I could land the final blow; if it weren't for him, I'd be dead right now."
    "McAfeezy, I'm going to tell you this right now. Godram wanted you to be Raikage, but you were too young to take the position. He told me that if he died, when you come of age, you are to be Raikage..."
    McAfeezy pushed on his knees into a standing position. "I see...."
    "Kid, you're both hero's! You'll get a statue, and he'll get a very special memorial-"
    "We both get statues. Standing back-to-back in the same monument. That's the deal."
    The new Raikage looked at McAfeezy, and eventually nodded. "Agreed; you two can share a massive statue to demonstrate your bravery as the men who killed the GinKin brothers."
    "Thank you..." McAfeezy whispered. Finding that his voice was going due to emotion, McAfeezy guestured for the Raikage to leave him with his best friends body. The Raikage obliged to the silent request and went to announce their hero to the rest of the village.
    "We're men now, Inazuma," McAfeezy thought, as the spoken word escaped him at the moment. "No longer boys... I wish you were alive to enjoy it with me. I'll be the Raikage someday, but I won't let that distrupt my ritual. I'll come and say a few words to you everyday from now until I die, either at the site where you died, or where they place the monument, I promise...
    Why did you have to die; why couldn't I have died to let you live?"

    Every legend has a story. Every story has a begining. Every begining has an ending. This was such an ending. But then again, every ending has an epilogue.

    The day after he killed Ginkaku, McAfeezy made the trek to Konohagakure, carrying around his prized headbands that never left his side, those of Kinkaku and Ginkaku, in order to return the Sword of the Thunder God to Hiruzen Sarutobi, whom he found out was the new Hokage he had vowed to protect. The war was finished within the next two months, with McAfeezy on the front lines of every major Kumogakure squad.
    McAfeezy kept his promise to Inazuma and said a few words every day to preserve his memory. The Raikage also attempted to keep his promise to McAfeezy, but he declined the offer of Raikage, and said he would rather be a soldier on the front lines. Instead, the Raikage agreed to teach his son, Darui, the art of Black Lightning, something his own sons weren't taught.
    During the Second Shinobi World War, the statue that preserved Inazuma's memory was destroyed during and invasion of Kumogakure, which resulted in McAfeezy going on a rampage and killing every ninja in sight, including a few Kumogakure ninja he mistook for enemies. After dieing during his rampage, McAfeezy's son grew up knowing that his fater was the great hero who killed Kinkaku and Ginkaku, and tried to rebuild the statue, only to have his efforts thwarted by the Raikage, saying that a memorial stone simmilar to what Obito's name is carved on in Konohagakure would be a good enough way to preserve his memory. Despite being completely against rebuilding the entire monument, the third Raikage visited the memorial stone every day to the day of his death to remember Kumogakure's great hero's.

    ~The Legend of McAfeezy Is At It's End~

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    Re: Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Quote Originally Posted by Migualon J.J. View Post
    very cool man
    thanks. I worked on it forever yesterday. and just to let people know, I do take requests, so if you want one of these FF's, just ask, and I'll put you on my list.

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    Re: Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Yeah I killed the GinKin Bros Very Nice Dork I loved it

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    Re: Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Quote Originally Posted by McAfeezy View Post
    Yeah I killed the GinKin Bros Very Nice Dork I loved it
    you are welcome, McA.

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    Re: Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Thank You Dork'

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    Re: Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Nice one Dork, say can u add me to ur FF?

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    Re: Legends: Kumogakure's Storm Master, McAfeezy

    Quote Originally Posted by McAfeezy View Post
    Thank You Dork'
    once again, you're welcome.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeanMinatoNamikaze View Post
    Nice one Dork, say can u add me to ur FF?
    Yeah, I'll do one for you right after Migualon J.J.

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