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    Sotw #128: Surrealism

    SOTW #128: Surrealism

    This week's theme is dedicate to ' surrealism'.

    Surrealism originated in an art movement using photographic precision but bending the laws of physics. It often depicts some bizarre, weird imagery as it describes the world of dreams, nightmares and desires. Use your imagination and let your subconscious take over and there -you create a surreal beauty. ^^

    There are some other examples of surreal art:

    Always remember to read the rules before entering the SOTW.
    And also think about next week´s theme.
    All submissions must be sent via Pm to me

    Put this

    SOTW #128: SUBMISSION ~ [User Name]

    on your pm title
    Last day to submit is Wednesday, 17th June (GMT+1:00) Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid)

    Good luck everyone ^^
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