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    Re: Six Paths of Pein vs. Minato Namikaze

    Quote Originally Posted by fastrthnwind View Post
    Even if minato couldn't exploit the 5 seconds, if he manages to mark the deva path, he could probably get around the shinra tensei.
    If he marks all of the bodies then he has a good chance to defeat them, but since pain has rinnegan, he could probably use the combined vision keep minato from pressing a seal onto any of the bodies even with his speed, since the shinra tensei could blow away all of the kunai he would lay on the battlfield.
    Yeah but using a Kunai, he would be able to attack Deva Path on time and Minato's faster so he could've placed the seal even on their body and even if they would've seen the seal, it would've been unable to be removed.
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