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    [Info] Speed Chart

    Speed Chart:
    The speed chart isn't supposed to be something which you RP by, but if an argument involving speed pops up during an RP battle, this is something that you can look at and solve the problem. This isn't something you use for your advantage during battle, which if you do, will only take the fun out of RP. You're not allowed to take the fun out of RP

    This chart is only for information, to see the comparison of speed between the different abilities.

    These are the default speed levels of each rank:
    Genin - lvl. 1
    Chunin - lvl 2
    Special Jounin - lvl 3
    Jounin - lvl 4
    S-Class - lvl 5
    Sannin - lvl 6
    Kage - lvl 7
    Sage (post) - lvl 8
    Official Sage - lvl 11

    Speed increasing:
    Taijutsu specialist: +2 lvls
    Taijutsu master: +3 lvls

    Curse Mark:
    Heaven lvl1 (lvl2): +2 (+3) lvls
    Earth lvl1 (lvl2): +4 (+6) lvls

    Raikages armor: +20 lvls
    Swift Release techniques: +15 lvls
    Toad Sage Mode: +5 lvls
    Snake Sage Mode: +10
    Senju Hashirama Sage Mode: +5

    8th gate: x14
    7th gate: x7
    6th gate: x6
    5th gate: x5
    4th gate: x4
    3rd gate: x3
    2nd gate: x2
    1st gate: x1.5

    Jinchuriki forms:
    Incomplete form: x3
    Complete form: x3.5

    Examples(Math rules):
    [Quote]Multiply with default rank speed and then add all other speed increasing:
    ["Default Rank speed"] x ["Multiplication number] = ["Sum of the multiplication"] + ["Other speed increasing"] = ["Final speed level"]

    Someone who is a Taijutsu master, Kage rank and has a Raikage bio with the armor active has the speed level:
    [7+3+20] = [30]

    What speed level peoples eyes can follow:
    Naked eyes can follow: ["Their current speed" + 2]

    Reaction increasing:
    Taijutsu speciality: x1.2
    Taijutsu master: x1.5

    Sensing Abilities/Enhanced Senses:
    Inuzuka: x1.2
    Sound Enhanced Hearing: 1.5
    Chakra Sensing: x2
    Toad Senjutsu Sensing: x3
    Snake Senjutsu Sensing: x4
    Senju Hashirama Senjutsu Sensing: x2

    1 tomoe: x1.5
    2 tomoe: x2
    3 tomoe: x3
    MS: x4
    EMS: x5

    Other Doujutsu:
    Byakugan: x3
    Rinnegan: Uzumaki Nagato X3 / Uchiha Madara&Uchiha Obito X5 / 6 Paths of Pein 0.25 per body

    Someone who is moving with speed level 20, has eyes that can follow the speed of someone who is moving:
    [20 + 2] = [22]

    An Official Sage ranked RPer with Pain bio with all 6 bodies looking at the opponent can follow the speed with their eyes:
    [11 + 2] x [1.5 + (0.25 x 6)] = [13] x [3] = [39]
    The difference between taijutsu master and taijutsu specialist:
    Taijutsu specialist is someone who has taijutsu as a specialty on a bio or a taijutsu canon bios (Rock Lee for example). Taijutsu master is someone who has mastered all of NB style taijutsu, including sixth sense and willpower of the heart

    Stacking: you cannot stack speed boosts and multipliers upon each other. If you activate 2 speed boosting abilities, you'll only gain the boost pertaining to the highest boosting ability. This is valid for both cannon and custom abilities. Although its no longer possible, for all old members that might have an EIG bio with a CM, it has been confirmed by Nexus that opening the EIG while under the effects of a CM will kill the user.
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