Welcome to the AotW contest:

The theme for this week`s AotW is Technology! Computers, robots, everything considered technology, new and old.

The purpose of this contest is to judge the best job a member can do by creating a personal album under a specific theme.
Before you submit make sure you read the Rules
and if you want to discuss anything about the AotW contest please do so here: Discussion Thread.

How to make your album:

1. Every week a new theme will be announced and you will have to create your album based on that theme.
But you also need to choose a style for your album, anything at all, for example:
Black and white, only from one website, avatar pictures, only .gif pictures etc. It can be anything, but you have to chose a style and mention that style at the title of your album like this: "AotW #1, only black & white".

2. You can add 12-18 pictures, no more - no less, and all pictures must respect the forum's rules. If one or all your pictures are custom made, please mention that fact under every picture as a comment.

3. After you create your album, you can edit it only until the submission time ends. I will check on the time your pictures are edited.


As an example visit Rei's album here. They are all pictures coming from deviantART: where ART meets application! -theme idea #1-, they are all black & white with a red sparkle -theme idea #2- and finally, they are all Photographies -theme idea #3-

Your albums will be judged based on:

-Style Idea.
-Pleasant to the eye.
-Difficulty of finding the pictures.

Submit your work here like this:

PHP Code:
[I]~I wish to take part~[/I]

I]Album's Style:[/I]
[I]Link to Your Album:[/I]
[I]Screenshot of Your Album:[/I] 


~I wish to take part~

Username: Pesh
Album's style: only black & white
Link to your album: www. example1. com
Screenshot of your album: [img]blabla.jpg[*/img]

The contest will close and the winners will be announced on Monday when the new theme is decided.

If you want to take part to this contest but you haven't created your album yet, you can always submit mentioning your username only and then, when you create your album, edit your post here.

Good luck everyone!

P.S. Everyone, remember to make your album PUBLIC.
P.S.S. The screenshot of your album is a MUST.
[FONT="Garamond"]Header found on DeviantArt Credits go to lVlorf3us[/FONT