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    ✖ VS Threads Rules & Guidelines ✖

    ✩ VS Threads ✩

    As requested by many, a section specifically for VS threads has been made, so post them here and not anymore in the Manga section, Naruto Discussion section or any other Naruto section as they simply take up way too much space and it is unfair towards the threads made by other members who get pushed away, especially when you consider most of VS threads are repetitive.

    Rules & Guidelines:

    • Follow the Global Forum Rules, so no spamming/flaming etc.
    • Only post VS threads about Naruto characters/attacks/clans etc., do not post threads like Grimmjow vs Goku. This is after all a Naruto section.
    • Do not post VS threads between Naruto characters and non-Naruto characters like Naruto vs Ichigo. You can't compare them with each other like that, they're from two different manga's, meaning two completely different contexts and it nearly always results in spam and flame wars.
    • The threads still need to maintain a certain lvl of seriousness, seriously no Tenten vs Tonton threads anymore -.-
    • Use the Search Button to find whether the topic you want to discuss already exists or not. In the case it does exist check when the last post was made as a thread that hasn't been active for a month is considered dead and it's against the rules to revive old threads. In that case you can make the thread again, if not just post in the already existing thread.
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