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    Imagination of an open ending of naruto (my thoughts)

    I just thought of possible endings.

    My first imagination was that there will be a huge war between Akatsuki and Konoha. Therefore we have do not have to underestimate the role of the missing Bijuu / Jinchuuriki. For example the Bijuu with 5 to 8 tails. They will lead to wars between akatsuki and Konoha but from my point of view they will not as achieve to get all of them. Therefore they will create a Bijuu out of 7 Bijuu and two Bijuu will belong to Konoha. Konoha? two Jinchuuriki will be the most important persons in the future and followed by many ANBU.

    Just my thoughts why there must be 2 jinchuuriki on the site of konoha. It?s just cause of the fact that there might be 2 or 3 persons which might be able to control bijuu. I just mentioned 3 cause I believe that there is one who has survived the wipe out from itachi and madara or it?s obito

    Therefore Sasuke, which will be able to control bijuu will return to konoha and will get a really strong alliance with naruto which is based on trust. Cause Sasuke will control naruto if he turns into the Demon Cloak form. Moreover their Chakra types will be great partners to finish off akatsuki member.

    And in the final war there will be a situation where sasuke is already controlling narutos bijuu and will get such badly hurt that he dies after naruto reappeared out of his demon cloak form(help of jiraiyas scroll and yamatos).

    Most akatsuki will be injured but madara will be dead?and moreover sakura will get the remaining part of the uchicha clan? and baby from sasuke and her :P

    The bijuu of Akatsuku will be sealed by the help of naruto into a baby he got with hinata :P
    Naruto won?t die in this act cause he just uses his own bijuu to seal the other one into his child. Then naruto will no longer be a jinchuuriki and develops his own special techniques to save his child and be the new hokage. ?.

    Then Kishi may will return with a new naruto chapter in a few years which might be thrilling for fans :P
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    oh, I can't read 2nd paragraph - it's too long for me((

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    mmm good story but i hate the part about sasuke dies

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    Obito Uchiha is a major
    antagonist in the manga and
    anime Naruto. A Konohagakure
    missing-nin, the past shadow
    leader of Kirigakure, the
    patron and secret leader of
    Akatsuki, one of the last two
    remaining living Uchihas, and
    the second person in history

    Re: Imagination of an open ending of naruto (my thoughts)

    that would be a good opening

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