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    [Ability] Dark Release



    Dark Release (冥遁, Meiton) is an advanced kekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent or technique. This rare Kekkei Genkai originates from Kirigakure and all ninjas born with it have a special mark in their hands. This mark resembles two diamonds, one overlapping the other and is the key to their abilities. The mark is essentially a "portal" to a separate space within the user that can contain a virtually infinite amount of energy/chakra, where one square is the pathway into the mark and the lower square the pathway out of it. Much like a Sealing Technique, the mark works by manipulating and absorbing chakra and drawing it into itself through the upper square. When "inside" the mark, the chakra can be converted into a raw form of chakra that can then be released and used. The chakra absorbed cannot be accessed and is stored separately from the users own Chakra Network. This means that even potentially harmful chakras such as Senjutsu Chakra, can be absorbed safely. The user can also make use of this ability to absorb chakra directly from an enemy. The absorption ability is done through techniques designed for this purpose that differ from the techniques used for the releasing abilities. The rank and strength of what can be absorbed depends on the rank and strength of the absorption technique used. The chakra released, while very similar to raw chakra, is actually denser and stronger than raw chakra, resembling in some aspects, Fire Release.


    Because of its special nature, dark release's weaknesses and strengths are different for the absorbing and the releasing abilities:

    Absorption ability

    Weak to: Earth and Water. Dark Release is used to absorb and redirect chakra and energy in general. This makes it so that while it can absorb the chakra in Earth and Water techniques, it will have a difficult time absorbing the Earth itself or the Water produced by techniques which possess tangibility and matter. Earth suffers double strength towards the absorbing ability of Dark Release (meaning that only an S-Rank Dark release can absorb a B-Rank Earth technique).

    Strong to: Raw chakra, Fire, Lightning, Wind and other forms of raw energy like Storm, Dust, Scorch or even raw Sage Jutsu. Raw chakra absorption and redirection is the core of Dark Release, making it gain double strength towards it (B-Rank Dark overcomes S-Rank Raw Chakra).

    Release ability

    Weak to: Earth and Water. Both elements have substance and density to defend from raw forms of energy like those produced by dark release after the absorption of a technique. Other solid elemental forms may serve the same purpose, such as Solid Ice, Steel, Wood or Lava

    Strong to: Wind and Fire. Both elements lack the substance and strength needed to actually overcome or even deal with the raw form of energy produced from dark release after absorbing a technique. Other intangible or less tangible elements such Snow (basically, snow based ice techniques), Sand, Rain, Steam, Boil, etc may also be susceptible of being overcome by the raw energy of Dark Release.



    • Bio must originate from Kirigakure
    • Member needs to be Sannin Rank and been a member for 4 months and have permission from one RP Moderator
    • Member must have mastery over the Fire and Lightning Elements.
    • Dark Release techniques can be found here

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