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    Ice Release



    Ice Release (氷遁 Hyouton) is the advanced nature Kekkei Genkai of the Yuki clan from Kirigakure, which allowed the users to combine their wind and water-based chakra to create ice. The only known canon character who could use it was Haku. He could manipulate the ice through willpower alone and the ice he created was largely immune to fire-based attacks, only melting slightly when coming into contact with flames. Using his special ability, Haku developed the Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors, which allowed him to create any number of floating mirrors made of ice to use as a shield or trap an opponent. Haku mentioned that having nearby water is an advantage, as he can simply freeze that water to create ice. Haku was also specialized in one-handed seals. In the manga, at a certain point, the Land of Water was in the midst of a civil war in which the Yuki clan participated. After the war ended, memories of the horrific battles still lingered in the minds of the people, causing wide-spread persecutions against those with the ice Kekkei Genkai. Because of this the Yuki clan went into hiding or were killed.
    In the first Naruto movie, several of the Yukigakure ninja also had the ability to use Ice Release techniques. However, this was not the product of a similar Kekkei Genkai, as demonstrated by Kakashi's ability to replicate one of these techniques with his Sharingan. In addition, unlike Haku, who could create his own ice, the Ice Release techniques used in the movie required the users to manipulate already existing ice and seems to melt at a much easier level than the ones Haku used. Another notable difference is that they can also manipulate snow


    • The user needs to be at least of S-class rank - 2400 posts - to make an Ice Release bio.
    • The user needs to have mastered both water and wind elements.
    • The only manga character that can use Ice Release is Haku and in the anime the shinobi from Yukigakure.
    • Custom Ice Release bio's have to originate from Kirigakure (Yuki clan) or Yukigakure.
    • Only members of the Yuki clan can manipulate and create Ice, the members of Yukigakure can only manipulate it, however they can do that with both Ice and Snow.
    • Even though for the Yuki clan Hyouton is a Kekkei Genkai and for the Yukigakure shinobi a Hidden Ability, they are both treated on the same level as a Kekkei Genkai, just like the Aburame bugs, the Nara's shadows etc.

    Examples of Hyouton Jutsus:

    (Hyouton: Sensatsu Suishou) Ice Release: 1000 Needles of Death

    Rank: C
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage: 30
    Description: The user will make needles surround the opponent from all sides. Directly above them, though, there is an opening. The user can jump away at the last second before the needles converge on their opponent, or they can simply perform the jutsu from a safe distance.

    (Hyouton: Hōgohi Engai) – Ice Release: Protective Ice Dome

    Rank: B
    Type: Defense
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: The can quickly create an ice dome around his allies and himself to act as a defence. It is strong enough to withstand the assault of many exploding tags at once, remaining almost undamaged.

    (Hyouton: Aisu Gosunkugi) Ice Release: Ice Spikes

    Rank: B
    Type: Attack/Defense
    Range: Short-Long
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage: 40
    Description: The user will create a single, or a large abundance, of very large ice spikes that will protrude from the ground. The spikes were shown to have been about the size, taller even, than a small house. The user can make multiple spikes that will rise up simultaneously in the same general vicinity, or a single one.

    (Hyouton: Aisu Disuku no Jutsu) Ice Release: Ice Disk Technique

    Rank: A
    Type: Attack/Defense
    Range: Short-Long
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Damage: 60
    Description: The user will gather particles into the air and change them into a disk of ice. The ice disks are transparent, and they are therefore nearly invisible at a distance, and difficult to dodge or see until they are very close. They can also be used as highly durable shields or can be used to allow the user to hover in the air by using standing on it. Because of their transparency, the ice disks can be used as a large lens to focus rays of heat from the sun into a powerful beam to capable of melting or exploding a pinpointed area.

    (Hyouton: Makyō Hyōshō) Ice Release: Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors

    Rank: S
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short-Mid
    Chakra Cost: 40 (+10 extra per turn, excluding the first turn)
    Damage: 80
    Description: The user will make a dome of 21 ice mirrors surround the opponent. Twelve are at ground level, eight are above the first twelve and placed at an angle so that they face slightly downward, and the last one is place directly at the top and center of the dome, facing directly down to the ground. The user can move at extremely high speeds that only the Sharingan can keep up with and manage to dodge while in this dome. The user can freely leap in and out of the mirrors as they wish and move to the other mirrors if one is destroyed, but the jutsu requires so much chakra to maintain that the users movements become progressively slower the longer they hold it (after three turns have passed a normal ninja can keep up with it for the most part) and they cannot perform jutsu while using this. When the jutsu is first starting, though, the user can move so quickly that it looks as though they are in, and attacking from, all 21 mirrors simultaneously. This jutsu was very resistant to fire jutsu, and can only be melted by fire of its own rank or greater, and cannot be destroyed by wind or water alone (both would basically empower it) unless it is of forbidden rank. A single ice mirror (or any number less than the complete set of mirrors) can also be created that the user can use as a shield and go in and out of it through both sides.
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