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    Re: The Sage's Necklace and Infinite Tsukuyomi....Possible Connection?

    @ Floydical: Interesting theory. Very creative. A bit dodgy here and there, but still very nice.

    @ the rest of the thread: Firstly I'd like to point out that a kekkei genkai, in terms of advanced elements, is the ability to perform two different nature manipulations simultaneously, as explained by Yamato. Thus, Wood release is merely the ability to use both water and earth nature manipulations simultaneously, nothing more. What the details are behind these simultaneous nature manipulations (advanced element kekkei genkai's) are unknown. Some people believe that a "dual nature affinity theory" is what explains these kekkei genkai's. This is highly doubtful seeing that the appearance of Mei Terumi's two Kekkei Genkai's sent that theory back to the drawing board.

    Secondly, I dont really think wood release is the constituent that made Hashirama's DNA such an attractive candidate for Madara's ambitions, concerning this whole reassembling of the SO6P business that was discussed. That said, what made Hashirama truly special, with regard to the value Madara placed on his DNA, was actually his ability to convert chakra into a source of life. In other words he could convert his chakra to Yang. Which suggests he possessed the Yang release, and he used this ability to complemented his wood release ability. Which in turn is probably why Yamato's wood release sucks compared to Hashirama's.

    This means that Hashirama:
    - was a Senju (the SO6P's Body)
    - inherited the will of fire (the SO6P's Will)
    - and possesed Yang release (physical energy)

    I'm sure that looks quite familiar. In fact, those are the exact same constituents that the SO6P's younger son inherited from his father. And that is why Hashirama's DNA is such a sought after commodity. That is also why wood release is of no significance concerning the core of the matter, and is merely a by-product of Hashirama's DNA.

    Thirdly, this is the other half of what Madara needs to complete the puzzle:
    - The Sage's Eyes (Rinnegan; which somehow became the Sharingan)
    - the Sage's Powerful Chakra (I think Uchiha's have this)
    - Spiritual energy (Yin release, the main ingredient of stuff like genjutsu and other intangible jutsu's)

    As one can see, the Sharingan itself fits nowhere into this puzzle. Which is why Madara went to all the trouble of obtaining the Rinnegan in the first place. Thus, the SO6P was not the sharingan and wood release combined.
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    Re: The Sage's Necklace and Infinite Tsukuyomi....Possible Connection?

    Great theory.
    @ Sarutobi Sasuke : Great explanation.

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    Re: The Sage's Necklace and Infinite Tsukuyomi....Possible Connection?

    Great theory! Now that you mention the 6-tomoe necklace, maybe this is Naruto's (future) way to control the Kyuubi. The necklace disappears and three sharingan tomoes appear in each of Kyuubi's eyes (totaling six).

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