FudouFudou (フドウ, Fudō) is part of the group of grave robbers who have dug up four of the dead Twelve Guardian Ninja. He is the brute force of the group and is usually seen pairing up with Fuen.

Fudou is portrayed as an arrogant brawler, further enhanced by his wild hair and bear-like stature. He has great confidence in his abilities and despises being looked down upon. During his first battle against Team Yamato, he ridiculed Fuen for not giving him the credit he deserved for the trap. Fudou, being so reliant on his strength, tends to underestimate his opponents and thereby allows smarter opponents to easily deceive him.

Fudou's battle style relies mainly on his earth element jutsu and physical strength. Despite his brutish nature, he has proven to be very crafty and skilled in earth-based jutsu, being able to use such wide-scale technique with seemingly no effort and to help catch his opponents off guard. During the initial attack on Konoha, his earth-based prowess was shown from being able to easily take down dozens of Leaf ninja while almost casually walking towards his destination. The pinnacle of his earth-chakra prowess has been seen from his ability to summon earth and alter it around the entire terrain to suit his jutsu needs.

Another ability of his is to utilize his earth chakra to absorb the properties of stone around him to form a skin-deep armor capable of defending him from nearly all forms of physical attacks and at the same time make his strikes more destructive. In addition, he has demonstrated tremendous taijutsu prowess as evident from how many Leaf ninja he took down on his own. He has also shown tremendous strength as seen from how effortlessly he broke free from Yamato's wood bindings. Also, he can summon chakra into the palm of his hand to become visible and enhance his strikes. His precision of this was shown great enough to engrave a Leaf emblem in rock.

Fudou's Jutsus

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