Fuen (フエン) is a kunoichi and part of the group of grave robbers who have dug up four of the dead Twelve Guardian Ninja. She is the strategist and trap expert of the group and is widely thought of as the weakest member of the team.

Fuen was portrayed as having a superiority complex. As a strategist, she had a high opinion of her intellect and skills. She was easily bored in battle, and felt overjoyed when an opponent proved themselves capable of surviving the initial phase of her strategy. This was shown from how she had hoped to face Sai again after he outmaneuvered her.

Fuen specialized in indirect and misdirection tactics. Her most noticeable abilities were how she would draw certain things on her map, thus manipulating any terrain she wanted. These terrains couldn't be returned to normal unless she were to die, roll up her map, or move to a different location. She was also very skilled in genjutsu and poisons as well. She was able to combine the two to cause a genjutsu paralysis on the opponent, making it twice as deadly. Her final ability was to perform powerful sealing jutsu, as demonstrated with her Barrier Gate Five Seals Technique: Castle Closing Eight Gates. As she relied more on deception and attacking from afar, her close-range combat abilities were rather weak.

Fuen's Jutsus

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