Hoki (宝亀, Hōki) is a ninja from the Takumi Village. He and his group abducted Matsuri, Gaara's student, to get access to Gaara's Shukaku powers to revive Seimei, Takumi Village's founder. He had a brief fight with Gaara in which he summoned all the weapons of his fallen team mates and used them to barrage Gaara with their combined attacks, short on chakara and his supply of sand had ran out he quickly fell. Then Naruto came to his defense but he also wasn't strong enough to hold against the power of the combined might of the Takumi Village so about to finish of Naruto, Gaara used the last of his chakara to protect him. Annoyed he turned his attention back to Gaara and trapped him in a sphere that ssiphoned off the remaining of Gaaras chakara. He used his body and Gaaras chakara to revive Seimei killing him. But getting his chakara drained brought Gaara into his Shukaku form and he killled Seimei.

Hoki's Jutsus

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