Kankuro (カ ンクロウ)  is the second oldest child of the Fourth Hokage, making him the older brother of Gaara and the younger brother of Temari. Kankuro's most notable personality trait is his apparent dislike for children, as seen when he is noticeably irritated while in the presence of someone younger than him. This is most evident when he is with Gaara, who Kankuro is forced to put up with due to the fear his younger brother imposes on him. Despite their apparent differences, Gaara and Kankuro become very close over the timeskip as Gaara begins to confide in Kankuro and shares his dreams of wanting to risk his life to protect Sunagakure. As such, Kankuro has become very protective of Gaara, willing to challenge anyone who puts Gaara down in his presence. When Gaara is captured by Akatsuki, Kankuro rushes to his brother's aid in an attempt to save him and even after being bedridden as a result he does not falter in his resolve to find Gaara.

Kankuro's Jutsus

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