Kidomaru (鬼童丸 Kidōmaru) is the spider-like member of the Sound Four; he possesses four extra arms, has the ability to make webs, and even possesses a third eye. This eye (normally covered by his forehead protector) improve the accuracy of his attacks to the point of being unavoidable. Kidomaru's webbing is made of a special type of liquid that is created by infusing body liquid with chakra, making it as strong as steel. The more basic form of this webbing is excreted from his mouth, and he spits it directly from there during combat to capture opponents. Kidomaru can create a stronger, golden webbing called Spider Sticky Gold (蜘蛛粘金 Kumo Nenkin, English TV "Sticky Spider Thread") that hardens upon contact with oxygen to metal-like quality. Because of the solid nature of this webbing, Kidomaru can shape it into armor or weapons to aid him in battle.

Kidomaru's Jutsus

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