Kurobachi Kamizuru

Kurobachi (クロバチ, Kurobachi) is from the Kamizuru clan. An anime filler only character who appears as part of the Kamizuru clan of the Hidden Village in the Rock. The Kamizuru were once famous insect users long ago and rivalled Konoha's Aburame clan.  However, years before the start of the Naruto series, the Kamizuru led an unsuccessful invasion into Konoha supported by an army of bees.  The intervention of the Aburame clan were key in their defeat, so remnants of the Kamizuru clan have a strong grudge against them.  Kurobachi appears during the Bikochu anime filler arc along with fellow clan members Jibachi and Suzumebachi.  They fought against Naruto, Hinata, Kiba and Shino because they wanted to use the rare Bikochu bug to locate a lost ninja scroll containing Kamizuru clan's forbidden Bug jutsus.

Kurobachi Kamizuru's Jutsus

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