Maito Gai

Maito Gai (マイト・ガイ Maito Gai) is the leader of Team Guy, though much of his time with this team is spent with Rock Lee. Gai specializes in using taijutsu, though, unlike Lee, does so as a matter of preference on his part. Instead he simply chooses not to use ninjutsu or genjutsu, even going so far as to use a regular (albeit bad) disguise during one of the anime's filler arcs instead of using the Transformation Technique. In the few instances that he has used ninjutsu, it has always been offscreen, such as when he summoned Ninkame prior to his first appearance. Through his mastery of taijutsu Gai specializes in the Strong Fist style of combat. Likewise, he can also open at least six of the Eight Gates, with each gate giving him more power for short periods of time. As the self-proclaimed rival of Kakashi Hatake, Guy has developed an effective counter against Sharingan users: by focusing on their feet, Gai can both predict the movements of the enemy and negate the hypnotic abilities of the Sharingan that require eye contact.

Maito Gai's Jutsus

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