Nagare and his partner Hokushin are members of the Watari ninja under the servitude of Oki. He eventually fought against Kakashi Hatake. By taking on the properties of stone, he can use the Assimilated Rock Blizzard to use stones as projectiles, and the Assimilated Rock Tank to expand using stone and crush the opponent while rolling with great force. He could also control rock powder similarly to Gaara's sand, engulfing the opponent with rock powder by using Assimilated Sand Binding Coffin and crushing them with Assimilated Sand Waterfall Funeral.

Kakashi, knowing Nagare's weakness, faces him. By using his Sharingan, he is able to see the Nagare's chakra emanating from a a rock, the location of his real body, and Kakashi uses Lightning Blade to destroy it. After a fierce battle, he is defeated but not killed by Kakashi.

Nagare's Jutsus

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