Neji Hyuga

Neji HyugaNeji Hyuga (日向ネジ Hyūga Neji) is a fictional character. He is a member of Might Gai's Team Gai, consisting of himself, Rock Lee, and Tenten. He is also considered part of the Konoha 11. Neji is the only known Hyuga clan member whose first name does not start with a kana from the Ha-gyō (ha (ハ), hi (ヒ), fu (フ), he (ヘ), or ho (ホ)). His name means "Screw", "Spiral", or "Helix", which probably refers to his Heavenly Spin technique. Neji uses a style similar to Baguazhang and has techniques containing "Eight Trigrams Palm" in their names. His name also bears resemblance to Nèijiā, the word for soft when applied to Chinese martial arts techniques.

Neji Hyuga's Jutsus

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