Sakumo Hatake

Sakuma HatakeSakumo Hatake (はたけサクモ, Hatake Sakumo), also known as Konoha's White Fang (木ノ葉の白い牙, Konoha no Shiroi Kiba), is the father of Kakashi Hatake.

Sakumo was a famous and powerful ninja of Konohagakure who, during his life, was greater than even the Sannin. His son, Kakashi, idolized him and sought to become just as great a ninja as his father; his wife had died when Kakashi was very young. Five years before the events Kakashi Gaiden, Sakumo and his team were sent on a mission of great importance to Konoha. When his teammates' lives were endangered, Sakumo chose to abandon the mission in order to save them. He was disgraced when he returned home, shunned by everyone in the village, even those he had saved. Dishonored, Sakumo fell into a deep depression, as well as a drop in his skills. Eventually, he committed suicide, which caused Kakashi live strictly according to the Ninja Code for the next few years.

Sakumo was a very kind and loyal man. Despite his tremendous fame and power as a ninja, he was a very humble man, which made his only son Kakashi truly look up to and idolize him. He had a deep devotion to his country and an even greater commitment to his allies and loved ones to the point he would put their well-being before anything else. His commitment was so great that he would sacrifice the completion of a mission in order to save his teammates which led to him being a public figure of hate and ridicule.

Like his son, Sakumo was a gifted shinobi praised for his talents in the ninja arts even by the likes of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage. In battle, Sakumo was a truly powerful shinobi, his prowess at surpassing that of the Sannin. The mere idea of facing Sakumo brought fear to enemies, as shown from the reaction of an Iwagakure shinobi initially believing Kakashi to be his father. His primary weapon during battle was a tanto called the White Light Chakra Sabre that would emit a trail of white chakra when swung, earning him the nickname "Konoha's White Fang". After he died, he left his tanto to Kakashi, which was later on cut in half when Kakashi fought an Iwagakure shinobi.

Sakumo Hatake's Jutsus

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