Setsuna (セツナ, Setsuna) was a filler shinobi who hailed from the Land of Demons. He is a member Yomi's team on a quest to release Mōryō. During the beginning of the movie, he played a big part in killing the guards of Mōryō’s prison. Later, he along with the rest of his team is sent to kill Shion, a priestess who is the only person alive that can stop Mōryō. During the attempt on Shion’s life, it fails thanks to interference from Naruto. He joins his team in a group combo attack that nearly kills Naruto. Upon fighting Naruto and the rest of his team, he ended up using all his extra chakra given to him by Yomi, forcing him to retreat with the rest of his team. Later during the second battle, Setsuna went up against Neji, holding his opponent at bay with relentless wind-type attacks. Eventually, Neji realized this was a diversion to keep him away from Shion.

Later during another attempt to kill Shion, Setsuna begins to demolish the entire forest by turning into a thunderstorm and dispersing lightning. Unfortunately, this reckless maneuver uses up all his extra chakra. Then almost immediately, Rock Lee takes advantage thanks to Neji’s plan and finishes him off with a powerful taijutsu attack.

Setsuna's Jutsus

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