Shima and Fukasaku

Shima (シマ) and Fukasaku (フカサク), better known as Ma and Pa are two Toad Elders from Myobokuzan that taught Jiraiya Senjutsu in his youth. Despite Jiraiya being an elder himself, he speaks to them quite respectfully, while they refer to him as "Jiraiya-chan" or "Kiddo". During the flashback of Jiraiya's visit to the Great Toad Sage, it is seen that both of them sit on each side of the Toad Sage. Shima seems to constantly bicker with the Toad Sage for being senile, while Fukasaku seems to advise him, and just try to help him out. Shima and Fukasaku are summoned to help Jiraiya when he enters Sage Mode.

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