TayuyaTayuya (多由也) is the only kunoichi in the Sound Four. Because she has only one weapon, a flute, she avoids close combat at all costs. To help her with this, she can summon three powerful demons known as the Doki (怒鬼 literally, "Angry Demons") that she controls by playing different tunes on her flute. With precise timing, she can break up the Doki to attack while not leaving any openings for her opponent to counter. In addition to being very fast for their size, the Doki can also open their mouths to release snake-like creature composed of pure energy. Because of this, the snakes are impossible to hit and can directly attack an opponent's chakra, weakening them over time. If the demons aren't enough to keep opponents at bay, Tayuya can use her flute to cast genjutsu, preoccupying an opponent while she finishes them off with physical attacks.

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