TobiTobi (ト ビ) was a subordinate of Zetsu but some time after the death of Sasori he becomes a member of Akatsuki. Tobi has a strange personality compared to all other Akatsuki members. He tends to have fear in a fight and escape and often tends to irritate Deidara. After the death of Deidara, Tobi is seen giving orders to Pein talking in a less formal way, he calls himself Madara Uchiha and he is seen to have a Sharingan in his right eye. He starts having big expectations on the ability of Sasuke and starts wondering what will he do. His ability is totally unknoen because of his fear to fight. His only noted ability was when Sasuke attacked him with his sword and Tobi could stand up with no problems.

Tobi's Jutsus

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