Yomi (黄泉) was a dark medical-nin who appears in Naruto: Shippūden the Movie. He comes from a long line of followers to Mōryō that have spent generations to perfect a dark form of medical ninjutsu. At the beginning of the movie he gives his men, The Gang of Four, special chakra-enhancement by infusing them with dark-chakra snakes; giving them access to jutsu they could normally not use. After his men took down the guards of Mōryō’s prison, Yomi then enters Mōryō's spirit cave and frees him. He then offers his body as a spirit container for Mōryō until they can retrieve Mōryō's body. When Kusuna reports that Gitai was killed by Lee, Yomi doesn't care, telling Kusuna to kill Lee, his friends, and Shion. This results in Kusuna and the rest of the gang of four being killed. Shion then confronts Yomi and prepares to seal Mōryō. Yomi interferes, but Mōryō wants to take matters in his own hands and bursts out of Yomi's body, killing him. Yomi's body then fell in the lava when the volcano erupted.

Yomi's Jutsus

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