Zaku Abumi

Zaku Abumi (ザク・アブミ, Zaku Abumi) was a genin-level ninja from Otogakure. He took part in the Chūnin Examsunder orders from Orochimaru to kill Sasuke Uchiha.

Unlike his team-mates, Zaku's background is briefly shown. The anime shows that he was an orphan that lived on the streets and stole for a living, and was almost always beaten for it. When Orochimaru found him, he told Zaku that he saw a potential in him and offered to help him develop it in exchange for his loyalty. Zaku accepted. From that day forward he refused to give up, even at the cost of his own life, not knowing that Orochimaru only took him in as a disposable pawn. 
Zaku Abumi
Like his team-mates, Zaku is overconfident about his powers, especially the ones coming from his arms, as noted by Sasuke Uchiha and the fact he went into elaborate detail about his abilities. As such, he believed no one could beat him, and had a strong desire to win; however, he manages to be unaware of the enemies' plan until it is too late, as seen with his last opponent Shino Aburame. Zaku also has a tendency to say whatever he wants without regarding the consequences, as he calls Chōji Akimichi fat, and then had a difficult time blocking the enraged Genin, and then tells Sasuke that he is the one who injured Sakura, leading to the crippling of his arms. 

Zaku had spiky, dark hair and dark eyes. He wore a beige shirt with two black stripes and three prints of the kanji for death (死, shi) down the front. His forehead protector had a face guard, resembling Yamato's, albeit more worn and under the cloth rather than connected to the metal plate. As with his team-mates Dosu and Kin, he wore a snake patterned scarf around his neck. 

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