Super Multi-Size Technique

  • Name: Super Multi-Size Technique (超倍化の術, Chō Baika no Jutsu; English TV "Super Expansion Jutsu")
  • Type: Hiden, No rank, Supplementary
  • Users: Akimichi clan
  • Debut (Anime): Episode
  • Debut (Manga): Chapter 189

The Super Multi-Size Technique is basically a larger version of the normal Multi-Size Technique. It gives the user gigantic proportions.

After taking the Curry Pill, the second of his clan's Three Colored Pills, Choji Akimichi used this technique against Jirobo, forcing the latter to go into his Cursed Seal's second state. Choji does not need to take a pill for this jutsu in Shippūden.

Choza Akimichi also uses this in the Invasion of Konoha by Sand and Sound during Part I. It is likely that Choza, being Choji's father, and therefore much older and with more training, can use this jutsu without needing to take any of the Three Colored Pills.

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