Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall

  • Quicksand in the Style of a WaterfallName: Quicksand in the Style of a Waterfall (流砂瀑流, Ryūsa Bakuryū; English TV "Sand Tsunami")
  • Type: No rank, Offensive, All ranges
  • User: Gaara
  • Hand Seals: (Clap), Boar, Monkey, Rat, Horse, Monkey, Horse, Ram, Horse, (Clap)
  • Debut (Anime): Naruto Episode 126
  • Debut (Manga): Chapter 215

This jutsu sends a massive amount of sand towards an opponent in the form of a wave, covering and "drowning" them in an ocean of sand. In addition to the wave effect of the jutsu, Gaara can control the sand, allowing him to attack his opponent while they attempt to outrun the wave. This appears to be the only one of Gaara's moves that requires hand seals, and in practice is virtually unavoidable. It is usually followed by an area crushing technique to kill the opponent.

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