Sennou Sousa no Jutsu

  • Name: Brainwashing Investigation Technique (洗脳調査の術, Sennō Sōsa no Jutsu; Viz "Sleeper Jutsu", English TV "Brain Wash Jutsu")
  • Rank: A-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User: Sasori
  • Debut (Anime): Shippūden Episode 2
  • Debut (Manga): Chapter 247

Sasori used this technique to block memories of himself in the minds of his spies so they wouldn't raise suspicions. Sasori can deactivate the jutsu from any location, thus restoring their memory and making the spy loyal to Sasori again. Sasori used this on Yura and Kabuto Yakushi, although Orochimaru was able to release Kabuto from Sasori's control.

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