Chibaku Tensei

  • Name: Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星)
  • Type: Offensive, Supplementary, Long range (10m+)
  • Users: Pain (Deva path), Sage of the Six Paths
  • Debut (Manga): Chapter 439

Pain creates a dark black sphere of gravity that is thrown into the sky and pulls the surrounding earth into a single point, piling on top of one another until it creates a large sphere. This technique is quite devastating, as it created a massive crater and devastated the forest and mountains around it. Pain notes that the Sage of the Six Paths had mastered this technique to an extent that he created the moon itself, and that his version paled in comparison to it. Despite its admitted inferiority, it was still strong enough to both hold out against Naruto's Six-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball and incapacitate Naruto and trap him in his six-tailed transformation. It was an impressive feat. Although, it failed to contain Naruto when he slipped into his eight-tailed transformation. The technique appears to put a large strain on Nagato, Pain's base mind.

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