Amida's 1000-arm Death Embrace

  • Name: Amida's 1000-Arm Death Embrace (Raigō Senjusatsu; English TV "Ninja Art: 1000 Fists of Amida")
  • Type: Unknown rank, Offensive, Defensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
  • Users: Chiriku, Asuma Sarutobi
  • Debut (Anime Only): Naruto Shippūden Episode 73

Kakuzu called this technique "a gift of the gods." This jutsu is activated by Chiriku using his left hand to make a half-ram and extending his right hand down with his palm parallel to the ground. Music starts playing as Chiriku summons the spirit of Amida. The spirit seems to envelop Chiriku and react to his emotions. The spirit is normally calm and both angelic and peaceful looking, but whenever Chiriku gets angry, the spirit turns red and transforms into a somewhat demonic-looking creature. Amida then attacks Chiriku's target with its 1000 spirit fists. The fists attack at such a high speed and number, it seems almost impossible to block. He uses this technique against Kakuzu and Hidan when they attacked the Fire Temple. However, both Hidan and Kakuzu survived this technique.

Asuma is shown able to use this technique; although not as effective as Chiriku's since the size of the spirit that envelops him is much less.

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