Naruto Manga Volume #11

Part I: Naruto Series

Title: Impassioned Efforts, Deshi'iri shigan!? (弟子入り志願 !?)

Introducing Jiraiya sensei, this volume presents the toad summon training of Naruto. Naruto’s summoning improves at a snail’s pace and training reaches the point that to achieve what he needs to, his life must be endangered – Jiraiya arranges a suitable situation. Naruto discovers Gaara in the hospital about to murder Lee and stops him just in time, with Shikamaru’s help. The pair demands to know what Gaara is there for and the sand monster reveals his past along with his intension to kill Naruto and Shikamaru who got in the middle when he was about to kill Lee. The tournament begins and Naruto gets ready to fight and beat Neji as he promised.

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