Naruto Manga Volume #13

Part I: Naruto Series

Title: The Chūnin Exam, Concluded...!!, Chūnin shiken, shūryō...!! (中忍試験、終了...!!)

With Kankurou and Shino's fight forfeited, Temari and Shikamaru’s over, only one fight remains. Sasuke Vs Gaara! The fight begins with Gaara acting even more deranged, addressing his sand as “Mother” but Sasuke’s reply is “Chidori”! Meanwhile a suspicious ANBU member begins to execute a Genjutsu spell, making almost everyone fall asleep. A few manage to protect themselves from it, but the balcony with the two Kage and their personal staff is enshrouded in smoke. The plan Kankurou spoke of commences! Sasuke runs after Gaara and with a kunai to Hokage’ throat, Orochimaru declares his teacher to be a dead man walking...

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