Naruto Manga Volume #19

Part I: Naruto Series

Title: Successor, Uketsugumono ( 受け継ぐ者 )

The two Sannin stand before each other, and Tsunade prepares to heal the man who betrayed Konoha. Elsewhere Naruto-s group rushes to stop Tsunade. Kabuto worries as he will be the one fighting powerful Tsunade and consumes a soldier ration pill and manages to make her fall on her knees. At the last second Jiraiya and Naruto appear!! As the sannins start sparring, Kabuto keeps beating up Tsunade until Naruto pushes through the pain to stand in front of Tsunade to stop her beating! An exciting battles begins, between Tsunade and Orochimaru. What will happen when Manda attacks Jiraiya? Why is Tsunade breaking her forehead’s seal? The “Legendary three” come to end with Tsunade claiming the 5th Hokage title and Orochimaru disappearing. As they walk towards Konoha, Tsunade happily thinks that Nawaki and Dan-s dream are being carried on today in the young man Naruto.

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