Naruto Manga Volume #22

Part I: Naruto Series

Title: Comrades, Tensei...!! (転生...!!)

The fights continue and Neji stays behind to fight Kidoumarou and tells thes others to go on, stating Naruto can rescue Sasuke from the darkness like he did for him. The exciting fight begins, with Neji being in clear disantvantage in front of his opponent with the cursed seal. Kidoumarou manages to pierce through Neji’s shoulder and stomach after finding Byakugan’s weak spot and Neji realizes how weak he is, wondering what Naruto would do in his situation. Neji looks to the heavens, and then falls to the ground motionless. Elsewhere Shikamaru begins to lay out their strategy and Tayuya and Sakon continue on. Orochimaru screams out in pain at his compound. Realizing he can-t wait for Sasuke anymore, Kabuto goes to make preparations for a new body, telling gathered prisoners the last one standing gets their "freedom."

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