Naruto Manga Volume #25

Part I: Naruto Series

Title: Brothers, Itachi to Sasuke ( 兄と弟 )

The long awaited battle finally begins. Naruto stands on the head of one statute in the Fire Country and Sasuke stands on the other in Sound. As Naruto hovers over his comrade, they both recall their fight on the hospital roof. Naruto says he didn’t want that fight, but Sasuke rises and grabs Naruto by his collar, holding him off the ground. Sasuke quickly jumps and strikes Naruto sending him hundreds of feet to the water below. Sasuke reflects that his dreams don’t lie in the present, they remain in the past, before his clan was murdered by his brother Itachi. The flashback begins as Sasuke remembers all the details of the past, when his brother slaughtered friends, relatives and close family to obtain the higher level of the Sharingan eyes. As he talks Naruto realizes that Sasuke has fallen deep into the darkness of his past and asks him if he really intended to kill him, whether anything they did as a team meant something to him. Sasuke says it did serve a purpose, Naruto has become his closest friend and so, he has to die. Sasuke forms Chidori and Naruto forms Rasengan, and then the two launch themselves at each other, with both the hands of Rasengan and Chidori, connecting over the surface of the river. Don't miss this battle of friends and enemies:

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