Naruto Manga Volume #26

Part I: Naruto Series

Title: Awakening, Wakare no hi...!! (別れの日...!!)

As their hands collide, both are thrown backwards by the force of their powers. Sasuke activates his level one cursed seal and begins to attack Naruto. Naruto tries to avoid his attacks but Sasuke continues to pummel him. Back in Konoha, Kakashi returns from a mission and learns of Sasuke’s leaving. Ignoring orders to go on a new mission he sets off with his nin-dogs to track down the Gennin. Naruto uses his new chakra empowerment to lunge at Sasuke and beat him into submission. Pinning him to the cliff face, Naruto tells Sasuke he had no family and thought of him as a brother. Sasuke finally puts on his headband and states he will break their bonds of friendship. With that statement he finally gains the final dots of the Sharingan. As Naruto begins to fall to Sasuke-s strikes, the Kyuubi inside Naruto calls him weak and states he should be thanking the demon. New power begins to well in Naruto and he grows even more feral in appearance, with his emanating chakra taking on the form of a fox. Naruto uses his new chakra arms to strike Sasuke over and over, finally punching him into the cliff wall. Unfazed by the strikes, Sasuke states the punches meant nothing and activates the second level of his cursed seal. From Sasuke’s back, wings have emerged to provide protection. Sasuke tells Naruto this is where their battle ends. Each ninja then forms an extreme and potentially perfected version of their special attacks. Sasuke’s Chidori crackles with black energy and Naruto-s Rasengan forms a large perfect sphere. Both ninja then launch themselves at the other to strike a final blow. The two powerful jutsu connect, with Naruto striking and scratching Sasuke’s forehead protector, but a short time later Sasuke stands over a defeated apparently dead Naruto, with both young men having returned to their original forms. As rain begins to fall, Sasuke clutches his chest and his scratched forehead protector slips from his head to land beside Naruto. Kakashi and Pakkun finally arrive at the Valley of the End to find Naruto lying on the ground and Sasuke missing...

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