Naruto Manga Volume #29

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title:Kakashi vs. Itachi!!カカシVSイタチ!!

Sakura completes 3 antidote potions and brings Kankurou back to life, but in Akatsuki's cave base, a large bound statute is summoned and Akatsuki prepares Gaara for their plans which will take 3 days and nights to be performed. As Team Guy travels to Akatsuki's hideout, Pakkun and Neji are alerted to an incoming presence. Samehada rises from the ground like a shark fin and Kisame emerges to confront the Leaf ninja. Meanwhile, Zetsu watches as Team Naruto approaches and alerts his fellow members. Another member decides to interdict them before they reach the cave. As Team Naruto comes to a stop, Uchiha Itachi stands before them. Kisame manages to bring Guy's team into a difficult position and Itachi casts his painful genjutsu into Naruto, while sparring with Kakashi. Naruto and a Kage Bunshin clone then unleash Oodoma Rasengan (Big Ball Rasengan)! It connects and Itachi is defeated. The team stands over the body in confusion, elsewhere Team Guy also wonders what happened with Kisame... The team surmises Akatsuki had used a new technique to make a sacrificed body act as a puppet! Naruto's and Guy's teams stand in front of the cage and recognize the five part seal barrier. Will they break it?

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